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Ethical Dilemnas In The School Districts

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AbstractEveryday our school districts are full of ethical dilemmas. Our teachers and other staff have been educated on moral development and implementing these moral values to our children. Teaching personnel experience dilemmas on a daily basis. Having moral obligations to society, to the profession, to the school board, and to students, they find that it often is not clear what is right or wrong, or what one ought to do, or which perspective is right in moral terms (Rushworth Kidder, 1995). Unfortunately, relatively few personnel have been trained to deal with conflicts related to teen pregnancy. Until very recently, ethical issues were given little attention in preparation programs. Dilemmas arise when cherished values conflict. A principal who values both teacher autonomy and student achievement will face a dilemma when teachers want to enact a policy that lowers expectations. This kind of conflict is heightened because school leaders are public officials with obligations to many people who often have competing values or interests. Should parents be informed if a teacher learns that a student is pregnant? This is the ethical dilemma facing our school today.The DilemmaI work for the Tracy Area Elementary school district. We have recently had an ethical dilemma that has increased concern for our students and teachers. The dilemma is a young girl who is 14 years old went to the teacher and told her she was pregnant and did not know what to do. The teacher had quite a shock and did not know how to handle the situation. She encouraged the girl to tell her parents and seek prenatal care. She also helped her to contact the local Planned Parenthood. The girl was quite scared of telling her parents so the teacher took her to the Planned Parenthood (PP), against her better judgment. A month later this girl told her mother about the pregnancy and that the teacher had taken her to the PP agency. This created quite a stir with school officials and the parents of this girl. The parents accused the teacher of wrong doing and have contacted a lawyer with the possibility of suing the district along with the teacher. The school board has been trying to determine if the teacher should be suspended or fired from her position with the school. The teachers reasoning for taking her to the PP was to get medical advice for the young teenager. The teacher feels she did nothing wrong.My Personal ValuesThe case with this teacher has me pondering whether the teacher is at fault or not. I have been struggling with my own feelings of this. My own personal values have been affected. I know the girl, her parents, and the teacher and I have high respect for all. Another solution could have been going to the school nurse; however the teen had stated she did not want to see the nurse because she was a friend of her parents.I am a mother of a teenager and I would not want a teacher of hers to go behind my back and take her to...

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