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For my Ethical Essay I went to serve food to people with an Organization called God’s Kitchen. During this I got to serve people food that are less fortunate, and for one reason or another are unable to pay for food. This was an awesome eye opening experience for me for a number of different reasons. One thing that really stuck out to me was when I got to sit down and talk to some of the people that were there getting food. These conservations went from anywhere between small talk to some deeper conservations about what caused them to be homeless. A conservation that really stuck out to me was with an older man who was now homeless. He told me how that he wasn’t always homeless and actually ...view middle of the document...

The final thing I learned after reading a section in Heiner about the homeless was how there is an increase in the number of families with children that are becoming homeless. I was able to confirm this when I saw a large number of families with children come to God’s kitchen.
Looking back at everything we have gone over this semester I found that some of the sociological perspectives could relate to my service learning experience. When discussing class and poverty the Functionalist Perspective really stuck out. This perspective states that poverty and inequality of pay plays an important role in today’s society. It plays an important role in society by creating the idea since people earning different amounts of money or getting different rewards people will be motivated to work harder. I found that this related to the people that came to these food drives. I always thought that there was really no reason for someone to be homeless or are unable to afford any food. If they really wanted get there life back on track they should just get a job rather than asking everyone else for money. Prior to this class and my Service Learning I had a functionalist perspective when discussing people in these situations. I always thought why don’t these people just work harder and get a job like the rest of society, because if I were in that situation I would have worked my butt off to get out of that situation.
Along with Functionalism I thought that Symbolic Interactionism also could relate to this as well. Symbolic Interactionism focuses on small group interactions based on interpretations of individuals and on how we label someone. I thought that this perspective related to my service learning experience in a few different ways. One way I thought this perspective related to this because people are very quick to put labels on someone, and are even quicker to put labels on someone who are in the situations a lot of the people at God’s Kitchen are in. I even caught myself putting these unfair labels on people whether being homeless or not well off financially. Some common labels that are put on these people are all drug addicts or alcoholics, and that the only reason they are unable to get their life around is due to these issues. These views are now becoming the stereotypical views, which are causing people to put everyone who are homeless in these categories. Before serving at God’s Kitchen I was definitely one of these people who thought this. If I saw a homeless person begging for money I just assumed that they were either a druggy or an alcoholic. The possibility that the person had just been laid off and had a family to feed never even crossed my mind.
With the services God’s Kitchen provides to people who are either homeless or unable to afford to pay for food are given meals in order to make sure they don’t go without food. With that being said there are some dilemmas that can come from this type of service. One way that this can be looked at is...

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