Ethical Hacking: The Different Types Of Hacking

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For much of the new millennia, computer network and security administrators have faced an ever-growing generation of evil, “Hackers.” Hackers wreak havoc on computer networks that do not have proper protection in place. They steal your information and sell it to the highest bidder, not thinking about what it would do to the person or company that they hacked. Let us take for instance, Edward Snowden, who is currently in Russia seeking asylum from the United States. Mr. Snowden illegally hacked the CIA network, stole classified documents, and sold them to the highest bidder. This type of hacking is known as an “inside hack,” as Mr. Snowden was on the inside when he illegally acquired the classified documents. Another form of hacking known in the technology world is called an “outside hack.” This type of hacking is when a user attempts to hack a remote server from a different location using various forms of hacking tools available on the internet. There is a form of “hacking” that exists today that is both legal and ethical. This form of hacking is referred to as, “Ethical Hacking.” Ethical hacking is doing legally what malicious hackers do: break in. (Simpson, 2010). Ethical hacking, when compared to traditional hacking, is legally and morally accepted because one must pass a series of rigorous exams and background checks to become certified and maintain their status, effectively use methods of hacking that is recognized by the industry, and provide awareness of current security issues within a network.
To become an Ethical Hacker, one must pass a series of exams designed to test the candidates’ knowledge of computer network protocols. “The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) has developed a certification designation called Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).” (Simpson, 2010, p. 6). Based off the CEH exam, 22 domains or categories are to be proficiently mastered in order to pass. This exam is the hardest and most challenging to complete. Another exam recognized in the industry is the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). One of the requirements of this exam is that one must be sponsored by a user who already holds the CISSP title. This exam does not give you the Ethical Hacker title, but it proves that you are well versed in the computer network industry when it comes to network security protocols.
Both an Ethical and an Unethical Hacker use the same type of methods in order to achieve their intended outcome. In the world of hacking, there are three types of methods that most ethical and unethical hackers use when testing a network. (Hafele, 2004). These types of methods in the hacking community are called, “Box Models.” One of the methods, the White box model, is where the ethical hacker is given all the information about the network and must proceed from there with the tests. In this form, users of the network become aware that a test will be performed. Another method...

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