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Who is a hacker? Most people see a hacker as someone who exploits vulnerabilities of electronic devices and system, network, and computer to use in malicious activity. wrote "Hacking is any technical effort to manipulate the normal behavior of network connections and connected systems. A hacker is any person engaged in hacking. The term "hacking" historically referred to constructive, clever technical work that was not necessarily related to computer systems. Today, however, hacking and hackers are most commonly associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet and other networks." It's true that hacking is mostly associated with undesired activities and intrusion. ...view middle of the document...

" (Geier, 2012 ) Getting started in the field requires extensive computer science knowledge, work related experience as network or computer security personnel and certification through designated organizations. First of all, penetration testers must have advanced hacking skills such as creating viruses, worms, initiating DoS attacks and exploiting weak points in a network to gain unauthorized access to it. Moreover, knowing how to use soft skills to manipulate others and do social engineering is beneficial as most hackers do possess such skills. In my opinion, white hat hackers must know how black hats work and what they do to accomplish their goals. This knowledge will help them learn and master hacking techniques used by black hat hackers. Consequently, penetration testers will find all possible network weaknesses that might be used by a hacker for malicious purposes and better protect their client. Secondly, work experience is as important as educational background. As a matter of fact, positions of a penetration tester often require job experience in computer security. For example, a typical job post would read "2-5 years of related work experience, experience in network security preferred, DoD 8570-1M Change 2, CEH, IAT Level III or IAM Level III requirements, including certification in operating systems such as Linux/Unix or Windows 2007, CCNA" (Legato). Thirdly, all penetration testers are required to be certified through EC-Council. "Qualification for a CEH (a vendor-neutral certification) involves mastering penetration testing, foot printing and reconnaissance, and...

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1411 words - 6 pages WHY DO COMPANIES NEED ETHICAL HACKERS? The rapid technological change has brought with it a number of issues. One of the issues that it has brought is the issue of increased cybercrime conducted by black hats. Black hats target almost everyone, but we will mainly focus on attacks which occur in organizations. Hackers take advantage of the fact that more and more organizations are turning to the internet to interact with their customers

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845 words - 4 pages Nick Fulbright Mrs. Schambers CPLA IV 2018-1-18 Ethical Hacking and the Differences Between White Hat and Black Hat Hackers The state of online security is poor, and there is slow progress toward increasing its protection.Ethical hacking, also known as white hat hackers, are in the good side of hacking and help The work of ethical hackers is to find bugs and fix them. They beta test companies’ software in order to access and find information

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4086 words - 16 pages looking around thru web) to dangerously harmful (cyber-terrorism). Irrespective of harmless or harmful, we need to understand is it ethical and how does it impact the global world. This paper is intended to discuss the ethical issues and moral values involved with this darker side of information technology. This paper also includes discussion on the good side of hacking and how hacking can lead to serious cyber crimes and causes harm to world

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1651 words - 7 pages The use of hacking can be very beneficial as a means of identifying weaknesses in computer security. Nowadays, numerous companies and governments use this technique to assess the level of security of their systems and determine if any valuable information is at risk of being accessed unlawfully. Ethical hackers are employed to identify potential threats on a single computer or a whole network of computers. The found potential exploits are later

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1065 words - 4 pages ethical? Is there a good and bad hack? Yes, there can be good hacking. Those individuals that choose to put their talent to good use will be an added value. Those that point their talent toward committing crimes will be caught and punished. And so hacking brings us to the issue of ethics. Children are raised by their parents and taught what is right and wrong. Hacking should be one of those items that parents and school teachers educate children on. Awareness and education are the key in instructing our future generations of the benefits and catastrophes that can be caused if these tools are not used properly.

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1780 words - 7 pages work as certified "Ethical Hackers," hired by companies to test the integrity of their systems. Others, operate without company permission by bending but not breaking laws and in the process have created some really cool stuff" ("Top 10" 1). Steve Wozniak is famous for being the other Steve in Apple. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer. Steve Wozniak got his start into hacking, when he and Steve Jobs created blue boxes. Blue Boxes

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1272 words - 5 pages their systems. Taking them from what may lead to a lifetime of crime, and changing them into ethical hackers. Ethical hackers also know as White Hats, are professionals that write codes to check the integrity of programs on behalf of the owners. The first computer hackers surfaced from MIT. (Focus Editors). The term hacking was borrowed from members of a model train club, who reconfigured the switches and rails to make the trains go faster. A

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1639 words - 7 pages they are any good, then you will not know it. They tend to hide very well. Usually black hats conduct themselves in malicious hacking. He or she is working for his own advantage, according to his or her own rules, and without regard to the effects of his or her doings. Another group of hackers is the Ethical Hacker. Ethical hackers are considered white hats, but have been hired on by corporations to test their security. The companies are heavily

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2153 words - 9 pages Gray-Hat Hacking Overview Computer security is a growing concern with the onset of always-on connections in the home and the emerging global network. More and more people become connected everyday. The reliance on computers in our daily lives has increased the need for security and has shifted the ethical line for hackers and hacking. “A hacker is someone with deep knowledge of and great interest in a system. A hacker is someone who

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3561 words - 14 pages and ethical boundaries have been crossed and the poor ethical framework in corporation decision making process. Moreover, this case also reveals the illegal action of hacking into the phones of politicians, celebrities, the royal family members, and ordinary people that Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, and his employees were accused of, which had been done for such a long time (Bergstrom 2011). Second, the scandal not only highlights the

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2553 words - 10 pages themselves in malicious hacking. He or she is working for his own advantage, according to his or her own rules, and without regard to the effects of his or her doings. (Schwartau, 40) Another group of hackers is the Ethical Hacker. Ethical hackers are considered white hats, but have been hired on by corporations to test their security. The companies are heavily insured and enforce strict rules. The last type of hacker is the Cracker. These hackers are

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1061 words - 4 pages location using various forms of hacking tools available on the internet. There is a form of “hacking” that exists today that is both legal and ethical. This form of hacking is referred to as, “Ethical Hacking.” Ethical hacking is doing legally what malicious hackers do: break in. (Simpson, 2010). Ethical hacking, when compared to traditional hacking, is legally and morally accepted because one must pass a series of rigorous exams and background

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1445 words - 6 pages to cause harm, commonly called hackers. Hackers are people who gain unauthorized access to someone else’s computer. Hacking is wrong when financial or personal gain is achieved (Jamil and Khan 2011), but there are three types of hackers. ‘White Hats’ are hackers who use their computer skills for ethical reasons, ‘Black Hats’ use their skills in unethical or illegal ways and ‘Gray Hats’, also known as vigilantes or hacktivisits (Hackers 2009