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Ethical Issue Essay

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X.0 Ethical Issue
World Food Program (WFP) does have to follow some legal and ethical standard in order to gain trust from governments and donors. These standards is being rated by Charity Navigator (2012) and BBB Wise Giving Alliance(2012). Even though Charity Navigator give WFP USA 4 stars and it fulfill BBB Wise Giving Alliance, numbers of ethical issues are still found.

X.1 Contractual Issue
The website "" does provide term of use on his website. Users are bound to any terms without them knowing once they land on that website. This is also applies for privacy policy.
There are some terms that get the rights from users without users knowing. For example, any video that is ...view middle of the document...

WFP should follow the rules of thumb to promise that not to sell, trade or share user’s personal data in any way to anyone.

X.3 Preventing Fraud Issue
This is the area that is hard for WFP to coordinate since it is involving user's protection but yet not under control of the organization. WFP does not put much effort to prevent fraud from happening. They only provide a guideline for user to determine possible fraud or scam available online or offline(World Food Program, 2014).

(Image above is a screenshot of guideline that provided online on WFP website.)
Any fraud that use internet with name of WFP to scam any victim will be sue in with Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) (Legal Information Institute, 2014). However, WFP have to do more than that in order to prevent fraud from happening. For example, WFP must actively check any related website that consist of the phrase "World Food Program" from time to time. If there are any fraud websites, it will be found easily with these checks.

X.4 Financial Transparency Issue
Internal Revenue Code's (Legal Information Institute, 2014) section 501(c)(3) have mention that charity website like WFP enjoying tax exemption in U.S.. It is also stated in BBB Wise Giving Alliance's (2012) report. Any tax occur overseas are unknown. However, through the analysis over WFP 's annual report 2012 (World Food Program USA, 2013) and charity navigator, we can assume that there is very minor of the money goes to tax of other government.
With these exemptions, up to 96% of the fund raised are use for running programs that provide foods to worldwide by WFP rather than somewhere else. However, even the annual report of WFP didn't record down each usage of the money in detail. The number given is the financial status is to general that reader cannot pin point how the fund is being organized. It only provide an illusion of financial transparency by giving a over-general report with Charity Navigator as authority stand.
Even taxation is exempted, government and other third party analyzer still require WFP to provide detail financial report from time to time in order to check the integrity of WFP and prevent fraud in it.

X.5 Reliability Issue
According to U.S. State Department in 2008, only 12% of food aid were able to made it to its intended recipients in poor Ethiopia. This result the people in Ethiopia have to pass through a harsh winter with minimum food that less than global standard given. The same thing happen in Georgian in 2009. They also provide Georgian people a non-working hotline to ask for help, in which contradictly causing them helpless (Bruckner, 2010).
Until now, no one know...

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