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Ethical Issue In Information Systems Essay

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When the internet was considered a global information system in 1995 millions of Americans participated in virtual communication. People began to communicate with each other and personal information began to be placed online by the stroke of the fingertips to their own computer. So the question is the privacy of individuals trusted online? Can people snoop around and see personal information? Of course people can if guidelines are not set in place to protect them. Public and private information can be complex when some individual(s) do not expect their communication to be read outside of their online community. What will be discussed are some ethical responsibilities that need to take place in the United States. Respecting the individual privacy and honor confidentiality is a must in this country.
Information Systems such as a computer, internet or tablets are public communication. When people type on the keyboard to those devices they need to realize they are putting information into a device. So if a person decides they want to type in strong remarks on particular subjects or comment about an issue; they need to realize it will be visible upon others. There are powerful overhead corporations which looks into people information even if they do not think so. According to ("DARPA's Information Awareness Office.", 2003), due to terrorism, the Information Awareness Office (IAO) pursued in developing technologies, components, and applications to prototype system. The technologies include: Collaboration and sharing over TCP/IP, large distributed repositories with dynamic schemas that can be changed interactively by users, foreign language machine translation and speech recognition, biometric signatures of humans, real time learning, pattern matching and anomalous pattern detection, entity extraction from natural language text, human network analysis and behavior model building engines, event prediction and capability development model building engines. So with all these new technologies implemented into the network there is no way people can think there information is fully protected?
In my opinion, I believe terrorist attacks is just a front for the United States government to spy on the people. As of today, the United States government is getting hit hard on this issue of invading average citizen’s phone conversations and tapping into other countries privacy. According to (CBS News, 2013), Germany and France want the United States to sign a no spying deal. I always felt like I could not trust the U.S. government years ago and now events are coming to light in this country where United States citizens can see from a broader scene.
Another bill which was passed by Congress is the United States Patriot Act. This Act features a three-tiered system, erected for the dual purpose protecting the confidentiality of private telephone, face-to-face, and computer communications. One of the procedures the act permits is the authority to...

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