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Ethical Issue In The Workplace And Its Moral Implication

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AbstractThe Nissan Corporation was built in the 1930's and established a multilevel company. The manager of this company needs to provide guidance and structure to all their employees. To have a successful company, the manager must lead by example and provide its employees the adequate tools to accomplish the goals and objectives.Ethical Issue in the Workplace and Its Moral ImplicationEthical issues in a workplace are common, however the severity of each case varies and have a negative effect on the productivity of its employees. According to an article, Why Global Ethics Count & How HR Can Help, competitive pressure is one of the top three ethical issues today. Creating a code of conduct as an outline for a company's ethics by the human resource (HR) department can provide more efficiency (Why Global Ethics Count & How HR Can Help, 2008).Ethical Issue. Ethical issues in the workplace can be stressful for both staff and management. Competitive pressure in today's global economic state has raised unethical practices (Why Global Ethics Count & How HR Can Help, 2008). For example, Viva Nissan fired four employees during November due to low sale revenues; none of the employees had any type of notice. The General Manager (GM) announced the termination of the four employees during a regular staff meeting that did not include these individuals raising the issue of ethical practice in the workplace. The GM used the low revenue generated by those individuals as a justification to their termination and by explaining that lowering the amount of sales professionals would raise the sales of those still employed. The moral of the workplace is mixed in emotions for those who still are employed and reflected a weak ethical stand from the GM.Moral implications. Moral values are very important in today's business world. Sometimes moral can be taken for granted and people do not practice them, as they should. People came together because of their moral values, care and responsibility, fairness, equality, freedom, courage, fulfillment in life, the opportunity, community, cooperation, and trust. Honesty and openness plays a big part as well. In today's business, they are behind the political principles that consist of equality, equity, which means if you work for a living, a person should earn a living and the government for the people. These are traditional American values and principles that serve as the core of this country. Sometimes people will take the risks if they have an incentive to do so. In this case, that is what happens when the General Manager, brought in only several sales peoples into a meeting and leaving some out. The idea is that people might ignore the moral implication of their choice (Yukl, 2006). The General Manager took into his hands that he was doing the right thing by address everyone in a personal level in front of others, rather than calling in each sales person one by one into his office. Instead, the general manager did...

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