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Ethical Issues Essay

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The term Ethics is typically correlated with morality; the concept between what is right and what is wrong. Ethic’s is something we come across in our everyday lives for example; going to the supermarket and trying a free sample and then feeling compelled to buy the item just because you tried that free sample. In the Oxford Dictionaries online (2013), Ethics is defined as “moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.” You then need to consider what is classified as the right behaviour or wrong behaviour; this will be dependent on the individual, the government or the religion you follow. In relation to case study one, research studies conducted on juvenile’s is already a red flag for ethic related topics, not only does is place the victims or offenders at risk of being exposed at such a young age, it also poses as a risk for the researcher to be interviewing such violent offenders in their own homes, without first considering how violent they could be. Case study two poses different ethical issue’s such as conducting research in a venue where you are currently an employee and getting physically involved on purpose for the research. Both these case studies consist of multiple ethical issues that will be further discussed in this essay; it will be then discussed whether certain circumstances would change the ethical issues within the case study.

Case study one focuses on a research grant to interview men between the ages of fourteen to eighteen about their own experiences and attitudes to violence, both as perpetrators and as victims. The first ethical issue I come across would be to do with the age of the participants involved in the research. Research involving juveniles have a few red flag’s including getting permission from guardian’s, yet still treating them as respectable human beings who can answer questions for themselves. According to Williams (2006) when it comes to research involving young participants there is a need for the ethics committee to be more concerned at ensuring that every angle of ethical concern is covered when interviewing. This would be to cover all legality involving talking and even using underage participates in research. The irony of interviewing these participants about their experiences and attitudes towards violence and having to get permission from a guardian is that some of the offenders or victim’s guardians do not know about the offences. This is where confidentiality comes into play. Although permission may have been granted, if there is confidentiality between the participant and myself, none of what the participant shares can be discussed with their parents. This also includes any information shared from the victim about being involved in homicide and the authorities being oblivious to this information. Deciding what is right and wrong in this situation is difficult as there are so many things to consider. First you need to have ensured to the participant that,...

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