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Ethical Issues Concerning Advancing Technology With Cloning

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Technology is radically changing and improving every single year, with new advances and inventions all the time. However, with all these changes and developments in technology, there are also a series of problems and ethical issues that it may impose on society. In the scientific fiction novel written by Nancy Farmer, The House of the Scorpion, Farmer introduces the idea of a society where technology is used incorrectly and to a person’s own advantage. The House of the Scorpion brings up a variety of moral and ethical issues, mainly cloning and technology used for all the immoral purposes. In an article written by Elizabeth Landau, "Cloning Used to Make Stem Cells from Adult Humans," she ...view middle of the document...

El Patrón is a large, powerful drug lord who uses the new advances in technology for his own selfish desires and to dominate over others. El Patrón uses a variety of unethical methods into gaining his supreme power, such as cloning, “chipping” other humans, and fetal brain implants. Cloning is a large issue in this novel, as the clones that are created are simply killed so that the original person can receive new body parts and organs. The clone does not receive the full life that it deserves, and the cloning of another humans is extremely controversial. Another issue of cloning that Farmer explores in her scientific fiction novel, is the act of injecting the clone with a chemical that destroys their brain. By doing so, they have stripped away the ability for the clone to live out their life, and have essentially killed the clone. El Patrón not only creates clones to use for organs, but he also has an extremely large group of “eejits.” “‘An eejit is a person or animal with an implant in its head,’ said Tam Lin.” (Farmer, 81). Tam Lin is the bodyguard and mentor of Matt, and teaches him that these eejits cannot think for themselves and do only as they are told. El Patrón has essentially turned these thousands of innocent people into robots and slaves, who have no control over their own actions. El Patrón likewise used technology in an unethical, selfish, and inappropriate way when he used fetal brain implants. El Patrón, wanting to live as long as humanely possible, destroys the fetus of a developing child, to harvest its brain and place into his own, giving him a “fresh” brain to redevelop and work with. MacGregor, a friend and fellow farmer of El Patrón, has also noticed the effects fetal brain implants had on El Patrón, when Matt recalls “… the birthday party where El Patrón had so suddenly recovered his mental abilities. Fetal brain implants – I must try that sometime, MacGregor had said. It’s done wonders for you.” (Farmer, 191). El Patrón is a selfish, inconsiderate, and unethical man who is using all these advances in technology for reasons that they were not meant for. He has killed and destroyed thousands of people’s lives and stripped away the human rights and dignity that they deserved. Cloning was not meant for creating new humans and destroying them to use their body parts for transplants – they were meant for the development of stem cells to create body parts for a person suffering from a disease or other form of biological problems. Landau, a journalist for CNN, explores the recent developments of cloning in her article, "Cloning Used to Make Stem Cells from Adult Humans."
Landau, CNN health writer and producer, recently published an article on the new abilities that scientists have discovered to clone stem cells from adult humans. The creation of stem cells from a person’s own cells has been a major goal of scientists for decades. With the ability to produce stem cells from a person’s own cells, people suffering from diseases...

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