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Ethical Issues For Legalizing Marijuana In The Carribean

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In the 1930's, the first anti-narcotics laws were sanctioned by the FBN where marijuana was descibed as a "gateway drug."

However, Mexico is contemplating the full legalization of it. Uruguay has already legalized it. Many states in the US have decriminalized it and many countries in Europe have no qualms about its use in small quantities. Why can't the Caribbean legalize it? Is it the business of governments to regulate the private lives of its citizens?

For purposes of this paper, we will review a critical ethical issue involved in the legalization of marijuana in Caribbean territories.


There are many ethical issues associated with the legalization of marijuana. These issues form the basis of supporter and anti-movements towards and away from this legalization respectively.

On the contrary, the basis which forms the anti-legalization movement is primarily the theory that marijuana can be a gateway drug, along with cigarettes and alcohol. This theory was developed in the 1930’s when the first anti-narcotics laws were passed by the FBN(Federal Bearreu of Narcotics).
The theory states that marijuana users later abuse 'harder' drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but recent research has suggested otherwise.

Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, yet studies have shown that these drugs can cause many medical complications, addictions and death. However,
According to Dr Susan Paddock of the International psychology society (2003), marijuana in psychological model studies has been found to have minimal gateway effect on users.
In 2003, Jamaican deputy prime minister, Kenneth Baugh recommended legalizing marijuana in small amounts for personal use in Jamaica. However, the government never acted due to the fact that it's legalization may have resulted in the loss of their country's U.S. anti-drug certification.

Countries that have lost their certification often face economic embargoes. According to Sir Ronald Sanders, former Cariibean diplomat stated in his article, "Decriminalizing marijuana" stated that every...

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