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Ethical Issues With Artificial Intelligence Essay

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As a society over the past two hundred years scientist have made numerous achievements that few could of dreamed of beforehand. However, some will raise the question of “Will science ever advance to far?” To many people are going to far with the dream of creating artificial intelligence, namely those that could be considered sentient in at least some regard. To understand this lets examine the history, advantages, disadvantages, and finally whether or not creating artificial intelligences would be ethical.
Artificial Intelligence or AI is the theory or goal of a series of accomplishments that would allow a computer to house a sentient life form. The idea of AI has formally been around since around 1956. There has been very slow but steady progress towards a working AI. Most scientist say that their will be AI within twenty to fifty years. There are several main theories or goals that scientist set for AI these would be: creation of a sentient life form, transferring a human consciousness to a computer; and lastly and least radical to create a super program that would be like AI in abilities but without being sentient. Also, artificial intelligences are said to be effected by the singularity model. The singularity model states that an artificial intelligence would be smarter than humans and be able to fix errors and make a better version of itself due to this intelligence; and the self-improved AI would now without these errors and with its better design become smarter again being able to fix errors and improve itself. This could happen millions of times each time getting faster and faster and like traveling towards a singularity or black hole the closer it gets to perfection the faster it will advance until it reaches a peak in intelligence. There are risks and benefits of such intelligence and the question remains would AI be humanities greatest achievement or the next weapon of mass destruction?
There are several advantages of artificial intelligence and scientist have already accomplished many feats in their effort to create them. Scientist, has already researched 'smarter computer code' to create advanced spam filters for e-mail, self-driving cars in some places, and supercomputers to do advanced calculations in minutes that would take a room full of people months to accomplish. These are considered steps towards artificial intelligence as many of these task require a program to adapt and analyze things beyond what it is told to. According to Dennis Papazian “Machine intelligence can certainly be used currently for the rapid accomplishment of certain rather complex customized tasks, including physical and electronic designs, which would be nigh impossible even a few years ago for any human individual. These functions would include a plethora of activities from the more general use of supercomputers to handle vast amounts of data to predict the weather to the design of computer chips of the commodity or even the "designer" types.” In...

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