Ethical Leadership And Diversity Essay

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Schein in his book “Organizational Culture and Leadership” explains how different believes and behaviors start to be logical when we understand their cultures by stating “When we learn to see the world through cultural lenses, all kinds of things begin to make sense that initially were mysterious, frustrating, or seemingly stupid (2010, p.13).” This kind of foresight should be the starting point in order to manage the tremendously growing diversity in the workforce nowadays. Leaders and administrators of both public and private organizations through their influence are responsible to promote and manage diversity in an ethical manner.
Throughout this semester—as a class—we discussed why and how diversity is important, and how we can manage diversity in successful and productive approach. My aim in this paper is to clarify what—I believe—ought to do as an ethical leader toward promoting diversity. First, I will briefly discuss the importance of ethical leadership and diversity. Then, I will
Currently, leadership is generally understood as a person with insight and wisdom of guidance, which expected to be efficient in management responsibilities like planning organizing, and monitoring performance (Kandola, 2004, p 144). In addition, making ethical decision is important to individuals who value and take seriously institutional leadership and the challenges required in sustaining organizational and personal integrity (Donlevy & Walker, 2011, p 9). Therefore, as a leader acting ethically and promoting both ethical behaviors and deliberations within an organization is a mandate to sustain healthy and productive organization. Furthermore, designing an ethical environment where conflicts could be discussed and resolved should be on the top-goals of the leaders’ priorities. As Cooper states ““Designing an organizational environment that is both supportive of expected ethical conduct and preserves space for ethical autonomy is what an administrator ought to see as the goal (2012, p 128).”
Diversity interrelates with ethics in many aspects. For example, promoting diversity and re-representation of underrepresented minorities in the workforce is another way to promote justice, equality and fairness which are values endorsed as ethics. Encouraging diversity and appreciation of other cultures resembles pursuing respect and anti-discrimination. Consequently, promoting and managing diversity within an organization to resolve struggles and accommodate differences is a form of ethical behavior that needs to be adopted by leadership. As stated by Yukl “Ethical leadership includes efforts to encourage ethical behavior and efforts to stop unethical practices in the organization. Ethical leaders seek to build mutual trust and respect among diverse followers and to find integrative solutions to conflicts among stakeholders with competing interests (2002, p. 420)”.
In my opinion, leaders...

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