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Organizations or businesses bring different people together. It is very important therefore, that the people involved carry out themselves in the most decent ways. This ensures the success of the company, which leads to the achievement of company goals. Moral and ethical conduct is the most important component that a worker should have (Johnson, 2009).
In a company that produces flowers, the profits have been tremendously reducing in the recent few months. This has cost the company so much due to the huge loss they have undergone. The business analysts have been invited on several instances to deduce why the company is performing dismally.
When the analysts were performing their final ...view middle of the document...

It explains how good ethical behavior is of benefit to an organization. The practical example above shows how poor ethical relationship among workers in a flower firm leads them to devastated performance.
When the manager or the leader in a firm embraces proper personal ethical behavior, it would lead him or her to good decision making processes. This would ensure that the decisions made are sound and effective in leading the company to its success (Helen, 2011). Good personal ethics among the workers would lead to amicable conflict resolution within a company. When some workers possess the ideal ethics required in a business, the other workers would certainly emulate from them, which would build a well-organized ethical culture in the firm. In addition, good ethical personal behavior in a business organization leads to successful interpersonal conversation between the manager and his or her workers.
To attain proper ethics in an organization, the workers including the manager should be enlightened...

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