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Branding, according to Parry, is to create a new thinking of the product to customers in the unique way so that the product can compete to others. And, in the pharmaceutical industry, branding is not only creating the new thinking of product, but also defining the best treatment for particular condition. If done so, the condition branding has numerous benefits because it creates consensus internally and externally. Internal consensus which is the activities focus on the problem and solution between brand managers and clinic so that the product can be maximized investment. Beside that, external consensus creates the better relationship between the owner and the clinical community to approach therapeutics (1). However, Fishman argued that branding leads to good sales and profits because the clinical trial researchers are position themselves as mediator between producers, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer, that are clinicians and patients, and they act like experts in that field. Therefore, the researchers create faithfulness to consumer, and in turn branding increase sales (12). As a mediator, researchers involve in the benefit of branding. Somehow, there is a conflict in their role between their benefit and the ethical norm of medical research. Fishman may be right when she implied that the ethical norm of medical research is driven by marketable drugs and marketable diagnoses.
Let take a look in the process of how the drugs develop and bring to the market. First of all, the drug which is developed should meet the condition that can treat for disease with certain amount of patients, and then academic medical researchers are person who collect the clinical data, will mediate with FDA to get approval guideline for new drugs; also they facilitate the relationship between pharmaceutical industry and FDA. To get approval for new drugs, the researchers have to proof that if the drugs “treat an established disease”. Researchers participate to delineate the symptom of disease, and create a consensus document identifies clinical trial outcome measurement to provide to FDA. However, in some cases, even though FDA just accepted “only certain types of outcome data as credible”, the drugs still can use in clinical trials that called off-label.(Fishman13, 14, 15).
One example for off-label is Viagra for women called FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction). Based on the success in market of Viagra treatment erectile dysfunction for men, the research on treatment for FSD was formed. “In a wake of Viagra’s success as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, attention turned to finding equally effective drugs to treat for women’s sexual problem, labeling this “new” condition female sexual dysfunction.” (Fishman12). The researchers and pharmaceutical companies diagnose the market that they think they might succeed with a new drugs treat for women like the one they did for men. However, the condition to get the approval from FDA in this case did not meet because as...

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