Ethical Perspective Of Mistreatments Essay

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Ethics in the News
Ethics is a branch of philosophy which addresses what is morally right or wrong of the actions of a human being. When faced with this topic there is an issue of understanding, resolving and judging the moral values of an individual or a group of people. Moral benefits can be acquired in many ways which include; logic, authority, sense of experience, emotions, through the institution or science (Babu 1). Daily, we hear of certain incidences and actions occurring to or being done by people but the question is, how do we view these issues in the ethical perspective?
Tim tells a story of a 13-year–old boy, Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, who was tortured and subjected to painful suffering and later, murdered only his mutilated body to be taken back to his parents. The boy was attending a protest rally against the Syrian regime with his father. On the same article there is a story of thousands of Sudanese civilians who were beaten, raped and killed and more others left homeless and driven into refugee camps and still live with fear of attacks.
Tim still tells of a situation where a TV program was aired for long hours in order to persuade the government of Australia to take action on saving the cows which were being abused and mistreated at the border. The Australian Federal government had banned the export of cattle going to Indonesia. In all these situations there was no action taken against the involved parties and the argument is how will the nation rise up and take action in these cases of animal abuse and human suffering (Tim).
The saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ clarifies this; the emotions of a person are determinant of the action to take about a certain phenomena rather than rational arguments. You can talk to someone on a certain pressing issue and facts but this will be of no use unless you stir their emotions and only then when the need to act towards the need will arise. Taking the above situation concerning the cattle, there was an action of violence against the animals which triggers deep into our mind after watching the videos of the animals being overturned and whipped which raises an action of moral storm even towards the animals. The Australian were responsible for this since they had banned...

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