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Ethical Principles On The Case Study Concerning Joelle

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Unit 1 Individual Project 1Running head: Unit 1 Individual ProjectUnit 1 Individual Project: Ethical Principles On The case Study Concerning JoelleJohn F ShalkowsiCourse: BUS207-0805A-75 Business EthicsInstructor: Eric FreemanDate: November 14, 2008American Intercontinental UniversityEthical Principles On The Case Study Concerning JoelleThe first principle Joelle could apply would be the Egoism Principle. If she chooses this principle it says that this would only be thinking of herself and her own long term interests! So if this is the decision she makes the she is not looking at the whole picture. Joelle would only be looking at the fact that her boss Mr. Espinal said about why they do this. Using the Egoism Principle she would not be worried about the others involved just the outcome of herself. So yes she could use this Principle but it would definitely not be the one I would choose.The second Principle Joelle could apply would be the Utility Principle. In this Principle it is the idea that would morally produces the best consequences for everyone involved. In Joelle's case study using this Principle she would be looking a whole lot harder at the whole picture not just herself. She would be considering her future as a Chemical Engineer. I am sure with her planning this career she has looked into the dangers of chemicals would have on the environment. So with her knowing that they are dumping the drums in a nearby abandoned rock quarry she also knows that children ride there and that the rock quarry is only a couple miles from the city's water reservoir. Also mentioned in the case study is her mother is an editor in the city's newspaper she could tell her about this so her mother can get the word out in the paper. This is a good choice but the one weakness requires her to accurately predict the consequences. Can she really do that?The third Ethical Principle Joelle could apply would be the Principle of...

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