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Ethical Issues Of Emergent Technologies Essay

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Maintaining an updated reasonable, informed point of view about the topic: Developing an Emergent Technology Integration (ETI) model where the perceptions of higher education participants impacted by the lack of such a model are explored, requires that one remain current in the field of emerging technologies, including the implementation strategies, innovative ideas and research findings that are pertinent to the topic. In addition, it is critical to stay apprised of the current theories, explanations and proposed relationships among constructs, as well as the absence of theories about meaningful topic phenomena; and relatedly, the subject contradictions, inconsistencies and ambiguities regarding findings related to theories in the topic area. Themes discussed in this document will include: a) ethical issues of emerging technologies, b) knowledge management systems, c) open innovation strategies, d) mobile technologies, and e) technology innovation risks.
Ethical Issues of Emerging Technologies
Stahl confers that privacy and intellectual property concerns are not the only emerging information and communications technology (ICT) issues that will need to be addressed by academic and scientific researchers in the near future. Eleven emerging technologies that Stahl contends will have enormous effects on humans and their socio-technology systems include: ambient and artificial intelligence; affective, quantum and cloud computing, bio and nuero-electronics, robotics, virtual reality, human machine symbiosis and new more interactive internet capabilities. No, we do not have flying cars’ yet however imaging where these new technologies will take humans is awe inspiring and sets most academic, scientific and business mental wheels in motion to think of how human consciousness, morality and ethical boundaries will be squashed, transformed and illuminated. Proactive discussions and ongoing studies about ethical and human technology interaction issues need to be immediately and continuously addressed; Stahl suggest that corporations are socially responsible to be at the forefront of the social discussion as well as research and development activities that should foster implementation processes that address these and other emerging technology foresight concerns.
Knowledge Management Systems
Dulipovici and Robey found that knowledge management systems (KMS) are heavily relied upon by companies that wish to build value from organizational knowledge. Challenges involved with relaying heavily upon knowledge management systems are that user perceptions and social interactions can cause misalignment between the KMS and organizational strategy. Initial responses to training were very motivational and user perceptions and social interactions during training were overtly passionate concerning the implementation process; however, as the challenging application process proceeded, frustration with the system increased and many of the participants...

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