Ethical Issues: Targeting Killings Essay

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Targeted killings are killing of a suspect or member of a terrorist organization by having suspensions on them. However, the justification of targeted killing is the most vital and hard part since an individual is being killed without a proven guilt. There are numerous views on targeted killings some says it is a legitimate act to counterterrorism for pre-planned and pre-mediated terrorists acts or ‘’self-defense’’ while some other says it is more of an extra-judicial execution (Kretzmer, 2005, p. 188). For instance, if an Afghan intelligence services found out credible information of an individual out of the country planning for an attack against Afghanistan or its citizens. The Afghan intelligence services can ask that country to arrest the individual. However, there are fears that individual might not be arrested or extradited and he might plan for a new risk and attacks against Afghanistan. The question is: should the Afghan government be allowed to kill the suspect in a foreign territory without even trying to arrest? Government have the monopoly over the use of force against a citizen but it is reserved both by domestic and international human rights. Targeted killings brought tensions between addressing terrorism as a crime or as a war. In law enforcement, individuals would be punished once they guilt is proven. The individual will face trial in a court of law and will enjoy the protections. Thus, there should be ways to solve this problem or at least give it a justification on why these people are being targeted or killed. There is another question, which ways to use for solving this problem, the domestic law or the international law? To my understanding there are several reasons why the regulation of terrorist activity is better to be accomplished through application of the domestic law. First, time, not undermining the constitutionality and legitimacy of state, the principle of legality, and distinction between combatants and civilians being killed in battle field.

Targeted killings are undermining the constitution and legitimacy of a state if they are addressed through international law. A legitimate government shall have the control over its territory. In the particular territory they have their own law and regulations and people usually tends to be judges based on their domestic law since the application of international laws are very low and its feasibility is under questions by many. For instance, in military operations in the Afghanistan constitution there are certain rules and conditions. The application of targeted killings as an international law in this territory will certainly contradict with the rules and conditions of the constitution that exists. People would not call it a legitimate or independent state if one of their citizens no matter what is being killed by an unknown group or another country. Application of international law within an independent state without its consent is violation of...

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