Ethical, Professional And Legal Issues Influencing Theatre Practitioners

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Essay title - Critically analyze ethical, professional and legal issues influencing theatre practitionersIntroductionNow-a-days nursing has developed its all functional activities in accordance with technological, political or socio-economical rapid change. Perioperative practitioners are the part of this all nursing activities. Most importantly, in the operating theatre the role of the perioperative nurses vary for several reasons. For example, the different rules and regulation defines the role of perioperative nurses within the operating theatre and generated differently. Furthermore, from the legal, ethical or professional perspective nursing within the perioperative environment has become in new challenges. The changing boundaries of professional responsibility and its influence on their scope of practice have been emerged. This paper is to find out all these roles that the nurses do inside the operating theatre. It has to be mentioned how clinical experience and practice has influenced personal, academic and professional development (Christina, Kettis, & Patricia, 2007). The paper also enhances professional practice expertise through the application of skills, research and knowledge.The nature of perioperative practicePerioperative practice is to be said the nursing activities done in the operation theatre or in the perioperative environment. Perioperative nursing is in growing status as a profession and it is improving in regarding standards and applicants. The nurse practitioners in a teaching method are the want of current situation at every aspect. It is because the lack of understanding about the nurse practitioners may lead to a negative outcome of the healthcare professional. The perioperative practitioners are obligated to respect the dignity and worth of individual patients.The innovative framework in regard to perioperative nursing profession provides the opportunity to the health and social care which is related with the theatre practitioners. The perioperative practitioners generally wish to extend their professional role through achieving skills and experience. It should be stated that the reflecting of any critical incident in most of the cases helps to recognize the knowledge & experience and also motivations which guide the practitioners during the incident. It provides the personal and professional development through connecting similar incidents. With the help of this method the perioperative nursing practice and knowledge gaps can be exposed.Nursing around the world needs to feel the confident and the essential and significant contribution to the provision of safe, quality patient care. It is known that the nursing workforce is the largest group within the health care system. The theoretical and practical knowledge not only guide the theatre practitioners, but also the beliefs, values and personal thinking help them to emerging advance scope of practice.Though perioperative practice is manipulated by a number of...

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