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Ethical Questions With The Curve Movie

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Trouble with the Curve features several ethical questions and situations. During the movie, Clint Eastwood’s character, Gus, works for the Atlanta Braves as a baseball scout (Trouble 2012). A baseball scout travels to games to see how players preform, so that the team knows what their options are for buying new players for their team. During the movie, the younger scout thinks that Gus should lose his job because a he does Gus’s work on the computer, which is supposed to be more efficient. They consider firing Gus because he is older and is having eye failure (Trouble 2012). However, he is still a good scout because he has been in the business so long (Trouble 2012). Gus finds his daughter to be an important part of his life evn though they are distant.
His daughter, Mickey, played by Amy Adams, works at a large law firm and has for over seven years (Trouble 2012). While assisting her dad, Mickey takes time off work for the first time, but it is not a vacation, even though her employer views it as one, because she is still working while traveling to baseball games with her dad just as she normally would. The law firm is considering making Mickey a partner, but after taking off work, the firm feels like she is not dedicated enough to the company, even though she has regularly worked overtime for the past seven years (Trouble 2012). The only thing that Mickey has ever wanted to do is to please Gus and become a baseball scout like him, but her dad feels like it is not the right profession for her. Gus knows that Mickey will miss life events with family, because being on the road all the time. He knows this based on how much of Mickey’s life he missed while being on the road at different games as a scout (Trouble 2012). Gus and Mickey are questioned throughout the movie. Some of the questions that arose are about his reliability, and Mickey struggles with balancing her work and keeping her dad happy, even though they are not getting along the best.
Ethical questions and problems are presented everywhere within our lives. Several ethical questions and externalities that are present in Trouble with the Curve, such as Gus’s age and Mickey’s gender. These play a role in the decision made in the movie between Gus’s employment status and Mickey’s desire to be a scout because it is a male dominated career (Trouble 2012). Ethical questions include: whether technology can replace a human’s job, should a person put expectations over your own desires, and is it right to deny someone a promotion despite all of their efforts to better the company such as extensive overtime. Mickey and Gus faced several ethical situations within Trouble with the Curve.
The most obvious ethical issues within Trouble with the Curve are the externalities that Gus and Mickey have. According to class, externalities are biases that can affect how individuals view other people or situations. The largest discrimination in the movie is Gus’s age because an elderly person could be...

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