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Ethical Standards For Research Essay

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Ethical Standards for ResearchLaura Breakie, Monique Cone, Margaret Farley, Steven Fillon, Alanna Scales and Johnette WatsonBSHS/332December 17, 2010Audra StinsonResearch involves gathering information and conducting a study to determine whether the research performed will be successful. However, in doing research there are issues, which may interfere with whether ethical codes are broken. In this paper, the discussion will be about issues involving ethics and research.First, in assessing risk to benefit the amount of risk should never exceed that determined by human important of the problem to be solved by the experiment. In preparing for research as counselor should do proper preparation first and then put the experimental (client) in a protected facility so they will feel safe against a possibility of injury, disability, or death.The client will need to sign a voluntary informed consent to participate in any research study. Direct benefits may not apply to the client, but an indirect benefit makes the client feel good about contributing to science, he or she might enjoy the procedure, or he or she might like learning from the discussion or feedback from the researcher (Freeman, 2000).When the mention of risk comes up, it is human nature to think that this action will be something that may cause harm or something negative to happen when in fact, taking a risk may be what occurs. Of course when thinking about the benefit, everyone wants a situation to end in a way that benefits the cause. For example, take someone that is interested in starting his or her own practice or business.That person would have to take a risk just by jumping into the industry and dealing with competition, loss before gain factors, strenuous hours of working, and having the right staff. Not to mention countless other factors. However, if the individual or team is determined and has done all required to be successful, taking that risk can be beneficial in the end. Anytime research is done there can be a risk of not obtaining the answer that one may be looking for. The risk would vary depending on the outcome of the research. How much benefit is necessary depends on who will receive the benefit.Another issue to consider is determining when and under what circumstances deceit is allowable. Psychologists do not conduct a study involving deception unless they have determined that the use of deceptive techniques is justifiable by the study's perspective scientific, educational, or applied value and those equally...

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