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Ethical Use Of Statistics Essay

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From an ethical point of view, in this scenario one of the probable actions as a statistical analyst would be to endeavor for relevance in my statistical analyses. Normally, every new drug research and design is founded on a proficient understanding of the statistical procedures and subject-matter issues that are undoubtedly described for each stage. The second probable action as an analyst is to watch out for the prospect that a bias by data providers or researchers may forecast the analytic outcome. The third probable action in this scenario as a statistical analyst would be to make use of analytic approaches devised to guarantee valid statistical analysis.
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Pros and cons of each position for each stakeholder
Some of the pros for the position taken by the analyst (stakeholder) include: obtaining satisfactory and valid data for submission to the relevant drug regulatory authority to secure approval of the new drug as well as market it; simultaneously safeguarding the company and analysts’ reputation. Conversely, one of the possible cons for the analyst is possible job loss for disregarding the supervisor’s instruction. From an ethical standpoint, research subjects (stakeholder) willingly participate in clinical trials with the hope that their contribution will make available data that is valuable as well as replicable to a bigger population. In case the statistical analysis is performed in such a way that the data collected are inappropriately analyzed, the research subjects’ hopes would be gravely breached. In addition, some of the possible cons for the company (stakeholder) include: possible economic losses as inclusion of the 5% unresponsive sample could produce unwanted results for the new drug; hence its subsequent disapproval by the relevant regulatory agencies. What is more, the company’s reputation could end up in ruins in case the analyst fails to divulge such confounding data.
Most ethical course of action is in this situation and Justification.
In this scenario, as a data analyst the most ethical course of action is to: report any statistical suppositions made in the new drug...

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