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Ethical Violations Lead To Jail Essay

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Human beings are born with the consciousness of knowing right from wrong. When making choices people use ethics, values, and morals to guide them throughout their daily lives. So what makes a person choose to commit an ethical wrong against another person? Or what makes a person do what is ethically right? One way to help people make the right decisions is to have an ethics committee in each state that provides laws with ethic guidelines to regulate behavior and consequences. Most government agencies have an ethics committee that they send all alleged violations, but the committee does not have the authority to send someone to jail. Each state should pass a new bill, so if an ethical violation is committed then the penalty should be severe enough that the person who committed the ethical wrong would not want to commit another violation.
Not many people agree with a new bill to enforce every violating a person can commit. Richard Foglesong, a professor of politics at Rollins College, disagrees with a new ethical bill that lays out the law in detail. Foglesong states, “First [the government] should not begin by identifying every imaginable ethical violation and writing a law against it. Rather, they should take an educational approach, adopting an ethics mission statement that is value-based rather than punitive, saying what public officials should do instead of what they should avoid.” The mission statement would be a start, but we still need more. After we come to an educated conclusion that a value of ethics was violated, then what? What good is a mission statement going to be, if we have no law to penalize the violators? What about the actual law that a person has violated? We need to hold the violator responsible for hurting the other person or the public. We need a new bill passed to give the ethics committee authority to hold violators responsible.
I want the legislature to get creative with the penalties; they should either get jail time or pay a substantial fee. Recently, in the St. Petersburg Times, an editorial came out about House Speaker Ray Sansom accused of building a six million dollar airport hanger disguised as a college building (“Samson Scandal”). I just have to say using the school boards money for personal uses is wrong on so many levels. Ray Sansom should have known the difference between right and wrong. He just chooses to look the other way, so he and his friends can benefit personally from the building of the airport hanger. The case was dropped by the state attorney, but I would have wanted them to go all the way with an actual verdict (“Samson Scandal”). The state attorney was probably asked to drop the case from another one of Mr. Sansom’s state appointed friends. The college penalized Sansom by making him pay back $103,000 to the college. The college also made him resigned from his job and asked him to leave his House seat (“Samson Scandal”). I do not think the penalties are great enough, because Sansom “insists...

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