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Ethics And Communication Reflection Paper

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The role of a nurse is multifactorial. A nurse provides care, support and education to patients. The American Nurses Association scope of nursing practice (ANA, p1) defines nursing as the “protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities and population.” As a patient advocate the nurse is responsible to assure that patients are knowledgeable about their disease process and methods of caring for self to prevent further decline in health. In addition, nurses have the responsibility of educating patients to prevent illness and promote wellness. In the case study presented there were areas in which a nurse might have addressed topics such as patient safety, patient advocacy and patient education which was not completely addressed. Therefore in this paper I will be discussing the impact a nurse may have had on the case study, areas of shortage where I felt a nurse would have addressed the issue better, ethical positions that were dominantly discussed in the discussion and ways in which this case study contributed to the role of a nurse in areas of advocacy.

Ethics Communication Reflection Paper
Nurse as an Advocate
The Case Study exercise allowed us to take a role that is outside of our expertise and to critically think about how each position contributed in the realm of patient care. In this case I took the role of an administrator. As the administrator I learned factors that affected the stability of an organization. Arguably there were several factors that an administrator has to understand and a slew of entities that an administrator has to foster collaboration with to accomplish the organizations goal (Brandt, Broyles & Falcone, 1996).
As an administrator I learned that external influences such as policies and regulations implemented by the Federal and State governments have a profound effect on the hospitals business decision. Community health care needs and population demographics influence hospitals finance and outreach programs. Additionally, internal influence such as nursing shortage, employee morale and dedication affects hospitals performance in serving its patients.
As such, each discipline in the case study was interrelated. Thus it was not surprising to find that each discipline’s priority revolved around patient safety. For example to name a few, the administrator focused on acquiring funding for the hospital to increase innovation, retain staff and improve patient safety. The Medicare/Medicaid agency representative along with the State and Federal legislator/elected representative were concerned about implementing policies that addressed funding to eliminate barrier to access. Barrier to access is an identified issue that affects patient safety.
In my community the Federal and City ordinance are in a position to...

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