Ethics And Diversity Management Policies Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze best principles for implementing and support ethical behavior in an organization and diversity management. The researcher will recommend policies for ethics and diversity management. Furthermore, the researcher will identify policies for monitoring unethical behavior and injustice in an organization. Finally, the researcher will provide the rationale for selected policies.
Ethics Policies
According to Golja and Paulisic (2010) ethics is defined as a system of moral principles, the rule of conduct recognized in respects to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture and the moral principles of an individual. Camps and Majocchi (2010) defines ethics as rules of conduct, in other words ethics is treating others as you would want to be treated. According to the authors, the best principle for implementing and supporting ethical behavior in an organization is to first champion leadership to support and enforce ethics policies. Once leadership support is ascertained then an assessment should be done to determine what ethical policies are needed to meet the needs of the organization. After receiving the results from the assessment, managers should solicit employees for input and to volunteer with writing and reviewing policies. Throughout this process of establishing ethical policies, employees should be informed and made aware of how the policies will affect behavior and business practices. Lastly, upon completion of the policies, employees should receive a copy through e-mail, as well as, for clear practice post the policies to the organization’s bulletin board and web-site (Camps & Majocchi, 2010; Mele, Debeljuh, & Arruda, 2006; Schnebel & Bienert, 2004).
According to the existing literature, managers should also ensure the human resource department is involved with establishing policies to provide the process for which individual performance will align with meeting the ethical standards. Furthermore, leadership must allow employees to take ownership of the policies in order for employees to realize that ethical behavior and business practices is the responsibility of all employees. For example, the literature examines best practice as to conduct annual ethics training to reinforce established policies. To include, outlined auditing processes to ensure policies are effective, efficient, and to allow for changes when necessary (Camps & Majocchi, 2010; Mele, Debeljuh, & Arruda, 2006; Schnebel & Bienert, 2004).
The literature examines the following ethics policies: a) use of company funds and assets, b) handling of confidential information, c) personal financial interests and outside activities, and d) how to conducting business that is in compliance with organizational, state, local government, and federal laws. Also, organizations should have ethical policies that address trading stock, conducting business with suppliers and customer, kickbacks and...

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