Ethics And Emotions Essay

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I think the question "who is more morally upstanding?" will never have a right answer because no matter what the intention was, they both put out their hearts to help other people. The text mentions that our feelings are too inconsistent for us to depend on as a moral guide, and I truly agree with it. Through the Huck Finn example, Huck is using his affection with Jim as a guide to his act, and at the end his feeling has turned him into a thief. Even though, he didn't steal anything for himself, but he has committed in a morally bad act. Which ones are basis for ethics? Feelings or reason? This is the question where Hume and Kant opposed each other in their writings. Kant believed ethics come from reasoning versus Hume strongly argued that ethics is based on our feelings. Feelings have two kinds: subjective and objective. Subjective feelings are feelings that a person is influencing the other to feel the same way. Objective feelings are feelings that are so strong; result in misleading a person in assuming that everyone else's is wrong. Besides feelings and reason, intuition is another vision to ethics that is being applied. Intuitionism is process in which we can recognize of what is wrong or right when we can see a clear picture of the situation. Intuition, like feelings, can also be wrong and changeable as people mature and gain different experiences.Psychological Egoism is when a person is oriented towards his/her own welfare, and the object of every...

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Emotions in Negotiations Essay

1808 words - 8 pages affronted by people who initiate negotiations with them. Emotions during negotiations and other conflict resolution situations sometimes lead to ethical dilemmas as we seek to guard our interest while reconciling competing interests. This always leads to suspicions about the ethics of others, as some feel justified in engaging in unethical conduct to protect their interests. This morally defensive conduct is responsible for the increase of deception

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1007 words - 5 pages sum it up in a positive manner as I believe, for many different personal reasons that it is my duty to make the reader have a pleasant reading experience. This is where one of the main problems of virtue ethics arises, that being the fact that in virtue ethics a lot of emphasis is given to emotions and feelings and it does not address the questions of “how should I act” etc. but rather ask the questions of “how should I live my life” or “what

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1259 words - 6 pages I agree to large extent that emotion is a strong way of knowing. According to the oxford English dictionary, the definition of the word “ emotion” is “ A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances or relationship with others.” Seeing that emotions are influenced by certain experiences and events, one can gather that emotions are therefore tainted in that they vary depending on the various experiences that individuals

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1187 words - 5 pages and treat one another he wouldn’t be happy with the results. Most people are afraid to be who they really want to be or who they ought to be. We have no control over our emotions or actions, because people are dying every day for no apparent reason. I just wish everyone cared to be virtuous, and this world would be a better place. I am a Christian and Aristotle’s virtue ethics is similar to the fruits of the sprit Christ talks about in the bible

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1640 words - 7 pages Ethics are a standard of right behaviour controlled by our moral principles. Our ethics control our actions, what we believe in and say is somewhat affected by our ethics. Although our ethics play an imperative role in our lives it sometimes may be limitation, especially when it comes to knowledge our ethics may become an obstacle. Some say ethics there to protect us, some argue they are a hindrance. Our ethics come from two major ways of

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952 words - 4 pages Cheating, or helping another cheat, and professional collaboration are two generally opposing ethics that are in a state of transition in light of new technological developments and methodologies in both instructional and actual situations. The antiquated teaching method of memorization and regurgitation is quickly falling by the wayside in modern scholastic environments. While there is some use for it in the early stages of training to "learn

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883 words - 4 pages campaigns promoting safe sex practices or advocating high moral values found in families (Larson, C., 2013, p. 206). When guilt is used as a campaign tactic it can be a strong persuasion tool to motivate change when there has been some violation of ethics and the appeal is perceived by receivers as a means of reducing the guilty emotions (Larson, C., 2013, pp. 206 & 207). Researchers found that emotions of “anger” can produce high engagement and

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1123 words - 5 pages "A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true" this quote was said by Socrates who was a Greek philosopher ,Basically, Socrates advocates the use of logic and sense over emotions concerning morality. That makes sense to me, but certainly emotions have their place as well; To leave emotions strictly out of every sort of moral

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629 words - 3 pages Ethics during Change Ethical definition does not change; however, ethical intention can vary with circumstance, audience, or demographic variables. Ethics remains the guide by which an individual or group of individuals will determine its thought processes and its actions. Ethics as it pertains to any business or organization is the foundation by which operating principals and policies are established. Ethical dominance must remain consistent

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975 words - 4 pages In today's competitive business environment, a corporate code of conduct and ethics should serve as the foundation upon which employees make decisions based on honesty, integrity, confidence and trust. The presence of corporate codes of ethics can be associated with less wrongdoing in the organization. The presence of strong codes of ethics can also be associated with organizational commitment. In an ethical organization, it is understood that

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1022 words - 4 pages . Laws change all the time, a law is passed or removed when it becomes useful or redundant respectively, as observed by Hume. Conscience is impossible to measure, what we feel innately as "right" or "wrong" would certainly conflict with other individual's definitions of morality. Human ethics, or ethics without religion, is reduced to a matter of what we "feel" is right/not right, and exists to placate our emotions and consciences. The closest

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1788 words - 7 pages making any decision. There is need to make an attempt to understand every person’s emotions, background and beliefs when dealing with situations especially possible life and death decisions all the while keeping personal views out of the decision process. The Nursing Code of Ethics is recognized by the law and the decision made by the nurse in death and life situations will be respected legally, since the nurse has to act with professionalism

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1262 words - 5 pages not there. This is because emotions take control in scenarios where there is danger or threat. Ethics as an area of knowledge is a very difficult one because there is always the question of what is ethically right and wrong. Most of the time we rely on our morals and values, which we each have but depending on the situation at hand, emotions hinder with our judgment in deciding so. A particular scenario would be the debate on the ethics of