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ABSTRACTThis paper examines the four philosophical viewpoints that underpin an understanding of what constitutes ethical behaviour. It then covers the methods that an organisation can use to promote and maintain high ethical standards within a business environment.Ethics can be seen as a set of principles that govern what is considered 'right' and 'wrong' in regards to ones conduct (Schermerhorn et al, 2004.) Therefore ethical behaviour is that which is considered 'right' in a moral sense. There are four philosophical viewpoints that underpin an interpretation of ethics and ethical behaviour.The utilitarian view was formulated in 1781 by Jeremy Bentham, and later elaborated on by the philosopher John Stuart Mill (Wikipedia, 2005.) It's a principle that bases the 'rightness' of an action on the value (or utility) of its consequences; and is commonly viewed as the greatest good for the greatest number. The value of an action is positive if the action increases the total 'happiness' in the world (Wikipedia, 2005.) In a business context, profits, efficiency and other performance criteria can be used to determine what is best for the majority of people. However, based on a utilitarian view of ethics alone, problems could arise when the pursuit of happiness for the majority results in unfair hardship or unhappiness for the minority. Using happiness alone as a judge, ignores certain other determinates of ethical behaviour such as the social acceptability of an action. In the past, certain types of pollution would have been tolerated as doing so would have positively affected more people than negatively; whereas increased education and public awareness now deems much pollution unacceptable and inappropriate management of such as unethical.The individualism perspective of ethical behaviour is based upon the view that behaviour which advances long-term self interests is ethical (Schermerhorn et al, 2004.) While proposing to promote honesty and integrity, within a business context, the individualism view of ethics tends to encourage the pursuit of objectives (self interests) without adequate regard to its effect on other parties. If an action were technically legal and could be shown to advance the long-term interests of an organisation, it may be justifiable under an individualism view of ethics; however the legality of an action doesn't confirm it to be ethical.Under a moral rights view, ethical behaviour is that which respects and protects the fundamental rights of people (Schermerhorn et al, 2004.) Human rights, such as those defined under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (to which Australia is a signatory,) are central to an understanding of this perspective. A moral rights view leads to an increased focus on health and safety in the workplace and more focus on ensuring employees are protected in general. The right to privacy, due process, free speech, free consent etc., are all recognised under a moral rights view and can lead to programs...

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