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Part One
Ethics relates to the rules provided to an individual by their profession. Moral relates to the individuals own principles regarding right and wrong. Being in the military, I have an ethical code to abide by and that is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Professionalism is very important in my line of work because if I do something wrong, not only does the organization get a bad name; but also my family name. Being in the military, we are all held to a higher standard and it is very important we set up the framework for acceptable behavior at all times. Many of us may have different views and opinions about the values in the military; however, it is important we ...view middle of the document...

This brawl is probably the most infamous brawl in NBA history; sadly, there was only one minute left in the game before the fight broke out.

Part Two
Overall, the video was very good and should be watched by every coach whether in the pros or just college. Mr. Wooden brings up a good point on all levels about coaches being teachers and teaching these young men other aspects of education, not just solely victory. The future is whining these young mean and coaches owe it to them to give them all the tools necessary to become successful in life. What happens if the player has a career ending injury, what will he or she fall back on? Can we instill more than just simply winning to these kids and give them something to be proud about besides a championship trophy? Professional sports has gotten better the past few years not allowing athletes from high school come straight into the pros. They have to complete one year of college at a minimum before entering the draft and turning pro. This is a great way to promote education and life beyond sports to these kids. When I was playing basketball in high...

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