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Ethical and Moral IssuesSharon McDowellCJ/102August 5, 2014 Ellen Smith Chupik




Ethical and Moral IssuesThe town of Walterboro, located in South Carolina had a town meeting organized by the Job and Family services. This meeting was to b ring awareness regarding the problem when it comes to Child endangerment. The town council stated that in 2011 "In South Carolina: A child is abused or neglected every 41 minutes. A child dies before his or her first birthday every 16 hours.A child or teen is killed by gunfire every 6 days.( Furthermore it was documented that if any household had children that were being abused then the child or children would be taken from the home immediately. When stating abuse this means anything from child abuse, domestic violence, and drug or alcohol abuse.If this occurs then the child will be taken from the resident and then the state will take the child into custody until a foster home can be provided. The state cam hold the child for a period up to six months. Depending on the crime some parents will have to undergo certain steps to prove to the state that they are trying to clean up their act,The list of things that the parents/guardians may be required to take are drug treatment, family counseling, and anger management. Some other things that may be required are life skill classes and even having to take parenting classes. This is where the Social learning theory come into play,The Department of Job and Family Services made reference to the social learning theory as providing support for this approach, as evidenced by research indicating that "aggressive children have parents who use similar tactics when dealing with others. For example, the children of wife batterers are more likely to use aggressive tactics themselves than children in the general population, especially if the victims (their mothers) suffer psychological distress from the abuse" (Siegel, 2007, p. 110).It is very critical to remove a child if they are in any kind of abusive home, wither it be verbal or mental or even physical. Social Learning theory is one thing that will be focused on in this paper. To try and understand what Social Learning Theory is the best thing to do is find out what that term means, according to Siegel ""The view that human behavior is modeled through observation of human social interactions, either directly from observing those who are close and from intimate contact, or indirectly through the media. Interactions that are rewarded are copied, while those that are punished are avoided" (Siegel 122)Example of this would be, if a child is brought up in a home where the father beats the mother, then that child would grow up thinking this was normal, therefore, in most cases the child will end up doing the same and or maybe even having anger issue. Also positive and negative reinforcement come into play also. There are four...

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