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Ethics and successThesis statement: We should be aware that we are different and that we do not necessarily have to agree with others as they with us. In order to make people respect us and our thoughts we have to respect others.OutlineNowadays, new devices such as the media and the Internet play a great role in our lives. People now are aware of everything just by staying at home. These new deices opened the eyes of the world. Being aware of what happens around us in the world is a great thing although like anything it has its advantages and disadvantages. We should be aware that not everything we hear or se is presented in the right way, and that the media and the Internet can be manipulated to affect people's ideas and thoughts. Foe example, when we hear talks in the U.S.A about the Palestinian war, we can clearly see how they consider martyrs, they always consider them suicides, and always relate Islam to terrorism. This can be an example of unethical speech. Ethics should be respected everywhere, otherwise our world will become "a human jungle" if everyone says or does what he wants without considering or respecting others. We should be aware of ethics not just in the workplace, but at home, at school, university, even in the street, etc. ....We should be aware that we are different and we do not necessarily have to agree with others as they with us. In order to make people respect our thoughts and us we have to respect others.Ethics are very important for one's reputation because they reflect one's personality. For this reason parents should bring up their children by informing them of ethics and how to behave ethically as it will be more difficult if not impossible to change their behavior in the future. Children should tangent to act ethically from the very beginning at home. For example, children should be aware that there is a punishment for every wrong behavior and a reward for a good behavior. If parents bring up their children like that, when they will reach school they will respect it, its rules, and its codes of conduct. They will be respected in the school environment an as well in the university as according to Vincent j. Calluzzo and Charles j. Cante"If college students are uncertain about whatconstitutes appropriate and inappropriate thenthis uncertainly will be carried forward intotheir workplace." (p. 55)From this statement, we can clearly understand that if someone is not aware of ethics and codes of conduct, he/she is going to suffer from the problem in the workplace, as it would be difficult if not impossible to change his/her behavior. The workplace is the most important stage, as when they will each this stage, being ethical and respecting codes of conduct will be essential, otherwise the ;aw will take its procedures. According to Mike Healy and Jennifer Iles"to measure awareness of both the scope andauthorship of such codes, and to assuredisciplinary actions had been taken againstemployees who branched such codes"...

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