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Ethics And The Mining Industry Essay

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Everyday minerals from the earth are extracted, removed and formed into something new, when you look back, to pause and ponder at what has been formed, the human mind will be amazed. "This.. Came from that?" beautiful rubies have been created from very specific minerals which are combined together, and glittery diamonds have been formed from coal which has been under great pressure, but it isn't such a magical story when the curtains are unveiled, and the truth is shown. Where are the ethical principles which hold this industry together? A shovel is dug back into the ground, the wind blows onto the small particles of dirt, revealing the business conduct of the mining industry, but the ...view middle of the document...

This letter was a long letter of guidance with every word written in utmost perfection. There is no chapter in the charter of the U.N, which is not running parallel to the rules laid down by Ali in his letters to his governors (Majzooban Noor 2013) especially the letter written to Malik al-Ashtar. Here are a few lines taken from the letter: "Hence the richest treasure that you may covet would be the treasure of good deeds. Keep your desires under control and deny yourself that which you have been prohibited from, for, by such abstinence alone, you will be able to distinguish between what is good to them and what is not. Develop in your heart the feeling of love for your people and let it be the source of kindliness and blessing to them. Do not behave with them like a barbarian, and do not appropriate to yourself that which belongs to them. Remember that the citizens of the state are of two categories. They are either your brethren in religion or your brethren in kind. They are subject to infirmities and liable to commit mistakes. Do not say: “I am your overlord and dictator, and that you should, therefore, bow to my commands”, as that will corrupt your heart, weaken your faith in religion and create disorder in the state. Should you be elated by power, ever feel in your mind the slightest symptoms of pride and arrogance, then look at the power and majesty of the Divine governance of the Universe over which you have absolutely no control." source citation Nahjul Balagha book

Mining is an industry where ethical issues are quiet weighty, because its such a big industry, there is so much discuss. I spent 15 minuted staring at the blank white screen on my laptop thinking "Where do I start?" do I start at typing about gold? Diamonds? Ethics? I was just so lost, but isn't that the truth about mining? It's lost? Day by day, the ethics which hold it together are disappearing, they are no where to be found. Lost. The more I read, the more I also realised what a cold, and dark industry it is, yes there are people trying to improve their standards, they are striving for better ways on conducting themselves and their behaviour in the mining industry, but there are still so many deep holes, like the ones left by artisinal miners in Africa, it's quit frightening. I wonder to myself how do these managers sleep at night, it's not just the lands that's getting crushed, the hard working men are too, not only physically, but emotionally and health wise too, even there culture is being crushed, everything they own, is being taken away.

Relave is one the world's first small-scale mines to produce gold certified and marketed as “ethical” as part of a program which aims to minimise the damaging and toxic impacts of illegal mining in mineral-rich developing countries. (Japan Times 2014). When these people arrived, they owned nothing. Now, they are exporting internationally. But how? According to this article, in 2011, an advocacy group that aims to better the state...

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