Ethics And The Slaughterhouse Essay

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THE NEED FOR ETHICAL TREATMENT OF POULTRY"Slaughter is different from processing in that the raw material is alive, has a central nervous system, can express emotional states, and has biological components like humans.", says Dr. Janice Swanson reflecting on animal welfare.At the poultry plant each day thousands of birds are crammed inside crates stacked on trucks waiting to be killed. Farmers help load trucks with these birds. At the plants, truckload after truckload are pulled into the loading docks with circulatory devices rotating above them to reduce the number of birds who will die of heat suffocation before entering the slaughterhouse. During the winter, an untold number of birds freeze to death on the trucks. Others fall out and freeze to the ground on the docks or along the highway. A forklift picks the top most platform off each flatbed truck, and the birds disappear into the nightfall. They then come out of the darkness they have been riding in for hours and into a gloomy dust laden air of the plant.According to USDA, birds planned for meat production are robbed of food and water for eight to twelve hours before catching them in order to save feed costs and in order to reduce gastrointestinal splatter at the plant. "Laying hens", after they have laid their eggs and are considered to be of "no commercial value", are starved for at least 4 days before catching them to get a modest net return for the cost of hen disposition, then ripped from the battery cages to the transport cages, often leaving legs, wings, and heads behind in the cages. At the slaughterhouse, birds sit in the trucks anywhere from one to nine hours or more waiting to be killed. Inside the plant, men known as "live hangers" grab each bird fiercely from the crates and jam them into a mobile metal hook that clinches the birds upside down by their feet.In the United States and many other places, chicken and other fowl products are intentionally kept alive through the slaughter process in order to keep their hearts beating. The birds are manually pulled from the crates on the flatbed trucks and hung upside down in the live-hang area of the slaughterhouse, where they may hang from shackles in a stationary position anywhere from three to six minutes or more depending on how fast the lines are moving ahead. "Suspended birds are painfully cripples with huge heavy breasts upside down by their legs from shackles places an extremely painful strain on their legs and hips, "as observed by Dr. Karen Davis. Vegetarians, vegans, and animal-welfare organizations continue to emphasize that current humane practices installed in the United States and other countries call for stunning of the animal before being put to slaughter, be it through a quick burst of electricity to the head or stunning in water or a penetrating or non penetrating bolt. The arguments for and against stunning do not normally arise on account of whether or not the method is humane, but rather the reason why it is...

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