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Ethics And The Values Behind It Fsw Ethics

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Anthony Mayor
Ethics Journal
Man 3063
CRN 11184
Journal 1
The most courageous thing I have every done would have to be stepping into an altercation at school in 8th grade. At lunch time, once you are done with lunch you go out to an area and relax for the rest of lunch. There were these kids that always played Pokémon and were bullied by the “popular” kids. One day this kid Jeremy (who thought he was the coolest kid) went up to these two kids and started taunting them in front of all the students. He then proceeded to flip their box of cards and took some. I then confronted him because I was raised in a way where we are supposed to stick up for innocent people who are being treated wrong. I ended up with a black eye and being suspended. Although I got beat up, I see it as the most courageous thing I’ve ever done because people though it was cool and fun to mess with these kids. When in reality is was immature and rude. I felt very proud of myself and those two kids became good friends of mine. One of which I care a great friendship into high school.
Journal 2
The three things that make me happy on a daily basis are
1) Love
2) Sleep
3) Friends/Family
Happiest moments in my life
1) My all time happiest moment in my life was around 8th grade with my family, when we went out on our boat and went fishing and snorkeling. That wasn’t my favorite part. The sun was setting and we were just anchored and relaxing when a school of 3 dolphin came to the boat and started playing with us. We threw a beach ball at them and continued to play with them for 30 minutes.
2) Although this sounds sad, it was a very happy moment for me in life. Before my dog passed away she had babies, but as she gave birth she developed big knots and her insides were messed up. I was extremely happy when we saw her come out of surgery because there was 50/50 chance she would live.
3) In high school I did a lot of mission work. One of the happiest moments of my life was when we got back after three weeks and I was able to sleep in my bed. I slept for practically 2 days. Also being with my family again was a big factor.
Common: Some common things were love and family. Although a dog is technically not my family, she was to me. In my first 2 family and love were major factors in my happiness.
Differences: Weren’t may differences because even though my last example was the only one that involved sleep. I was very happy to be with my family again.
My last example dealt with material and being with people. Other than that my last two examples completely dealt with interacting with people and loving something unconditionally. 1 Material, 3 people based.
My insight on happiness based off experiences that have made me happy; deals with a lot of intangible feelings. I’m really not a material based person, and I am usually happy with the little things in life, and connecting with people, friends, and family.
Journal 3
Some values I live by are honesty, love, loyalty, and kindness. Although...

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