Ethics And Virtues In Society Daniel Murray. What Causes Problems In Society And What Moral Shortcomings Or Vitues Are Missing To Cause Those Problems.

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It seems like such a simple idea, the golden rule as it is commonly referred to, to treat people how you would like to be treated. Yet, in our society it seems to only be followed when it serves to benefit us in some way. For me this is the only rule, it is the law above laws, it is what should govern us all.It doesn't take much to see this idea completely thrown out of our society, just walk down the street. This person is cutting off that person, that person laying on his horn so some old lady can move out of their way. All in the hopes that maybe we can make things easier or go a little faster. As one of my would-be wise friends once said, "Do unto others how they do to me". What does this solve though? How does this serve to make this world better? This simply truth is that it doesn't, it can never be "do to them how they do me, eye for an eye" it must be "do to them how I would have it done to me". If this becomes our motivation we can begin to eliminate wrongdoing and injustice, we begin to stop the cycle of repetitive disrespect towards one another.I suppose when it comes down to it, it is simply a matter of common love for one another that I see missing from our society. It is a failure for us to see each other as something that is the same and not different, brothers and sisters in a human family. In my opinion everyone wants to feel loved, respected, and important. The problem begins when we are not willing to give those things to others as much as we want them for ourselves.I believe that a key element to finding happiness is that we must see the importance of giving happiness in order to receive happiness. Call it karma if you like but it is a simple idea that one reaps what he sows. Some might say that in completely giving of yourself you lose yourself and the things that you love, but giving of oneself should not be a miserable task and rather in balance we see that it allows goodness and love to fill our lives, which are the key ingredients to happiness.Take for example a used car salesman who spends his day selling cars that he knows will breakdown shortly after driving off the lot. As you walk onto the lot it's as if you just made a new best friend, smiling and shaking your hand, running off to get you a cup of coffee and run your credit. He may smile in your face but his desires are not for your friendship but rather for you money. He is outwardly kind and like a lamb, but internally he is a wolf seeking only to benefit himself. The money may bring him an instant gratification but do you believe that he will find any kind of lasting happiness? And what about the people he takes advantage of? It creates distrust and hardship and works in opposition to truth and love. So one could say that appearing outwardly friendly and sincere has no overall benefit to life and is not a useful virtue if your inward motivations are only for yourself.Let us look at the other end of the spectrum. Take for instance two brothers, the first who is a...

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