Ethics Awareness Inventory Paper

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Ethics Awareness Inventory PaperDefining ethics is often a difficult task for individuals to do. Ethics can be defined with more than one meaning. Awareness and the ability to analyze ones personal and professional ethics is an essential aspect for adults in today's highly competitive and specialized business world. This paper will interpret the results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, explain how the educational experience has influenced my own ethical thinking, describe how I apply my own ethics in thinking and decision-making, and how I attempt to cope with people and situations that offer differing interpretations of ethical behavior.I completed the Ethics Awareness Inventory and was surprised by the results. The ethics awareness inventory is used to measure an individual's perspective by measuring the answers given which measure the general views and approaches in regard to ethical debates. "The keyword for each category is character, obligation, results, and equity." (University of Phoenix, 2003) I understood that there was no right or wrong answers for this test but some of the questions made me think long and hard about my ethical beliefs. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary, my ethical profile is closely aligned with character. The inventory also showed that my ethical profile is least closely aligned with equity. I believe understanding ones personal ethic perspective is extremely important for individuals to do because prior to this assessment I had not thought about assessing where I stood ethically.I found most areas of the assessment of my ethical beliefs were accurate. I have always been raised to believe that character and integrity are a pertinent factor in an individual's life because these are the characteristics that create the foundation of becoming a "good" person. I was taught to look for the honor, justice and benevolence in individuals. The inventory also stated that I believe ethics relies on the ability of individuals to make sound moral judgments and ethics relies on exemplary character to make the difficult choices. What I was surprised at by the assessment is that I placed such small significance on equality. I am a firm believer of treating all individuals equally and I found it hard to believe that the results of my ethical perspective did not reflect this higher. However, I realize that I believe that if...

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531 words - 2 pages In today's world, ethics play an important role in running a business and ensuring the success of organizations. Ethics are developed from the bottom up. It all starts with the employees and what their personal ethics are. Within this paper, I will be interpreting my ethics awareness inventory results, how they apply to my personal and professional developed, and then conclude with how my education experience at the University of Phoenix has

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1106 words - 4 pages professionally and personally.The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) is based on the awareness component of the ethical decision making. The EAI helps to develop one's awareness and understand the four CORE principles. The Four CORE principles are Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. The four principles are the four different theories working together for the improvement of one's ethical perspective in decision making process.This paper will

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1102 words - 4 pages , I recently took the Ethical Awareness Inventory and discovered that my personal ethics perspective is Obligation. The 'obligation' ethics perspective is close to describing how I am. My ethical perspective is described as being driven to my 'obligation'. Every day I look forward to my duties and I take pride in doing what is morally correct. I believe that ethical principals are of value and individual independence should be promotedCharacter

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1206 words - 5 pages AbstractEthical perspective plays an important role in business. Impressions are based on perception and important decisions are made from these interactions. This paper will evaluate all four ethical perspectives including character/virtue, obligation/deontology, results/utilitarianism, and equity/relativism. My own personal ethical perspective will also be described and evaluated using results from the ethics awareness inventory from the

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2332 words - 9 pages Ethical Perspectives Introduction Ethics involves identifying, differentiating, and defending concepts of right and wrong, and what values humanity retains from ethical growth and development. The Williams Group for Ethics and Management developed an exercise, called the Ethics Awareness Inventory, which analyzes responses to a set of questions, and categorizes the results under four ethical perspectives: Character (or Virtue Ethics

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1091 words - 4 pages behavior. The description used to analyze my behavior is the ethical perspectives of the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI). The EAI identifies four CORE ethical perspectives to determine the effect of one’s decision-making. However, this paper will focus on the ethical perspective, Character. Likewise, the paper will compare and contrast my personal values related to the core perspective, Character, with that of Kudler Fine Foods

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530 words - 2 pages The Ethics Awareness Inventory at the University of Phoenix was created to assist its students with their development and understanding of what their personal ethical perspective and style is. The online survey enables students to learn more about their Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity (CORE). We will look at how Dominic views ethics in himself and others; we will also discuss the results of Dominic's analysis and what they

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683 words - 3 pages general description of an individual's ethical perspective which is intended to provide insight into the individual's personal views toward ethical issues. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory obligation is the ethical profile I am most closely aligned with, and equity was the ethical profile I was least closely aligned with. The purpose of this paper is to relay the findings of my Ethics Awareness Inventory test and convey the

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789 words - 3 pages GEN/ 480Becky McHattonNovember 17, 2009Ethics Awareness Inventory AnalysisThe awareness of the conditions which define our ethical prospective and that of others gives us the ability to offer positive input on decisions we make on a daily basis. That is why it is imperative to take inventory on the perspectives we practice each day. The Ethics Awareness Inventory refers to a combination of broad characterizations representing four categories of

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1149 words - 5 pages My ethical perspective is most likely to be based on Obligation. Not only is that the category of ethical philosophy with my largest combined score, but it is far and away much greater that the next closest score. In fact, it is the only category where my score was not a negative number and therefore is infinitely greater than even the next closest category. My score in the Obligation category is twelve (Ethics Inventory Awareness 2008). It is