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The message Linda Pastan portrays in the poem Ethics is the idea that one can only fully grasp ethics and morals once they mature and have developed experiences in their life. Ethics and morals can only be present once one has gained experienced and developed maturity. The author uses imagery, diction and figures of speech to prove this point. In this poem, a teacher asks her students, if there was a fire and they only had the choice to save a Rembrandt painting or an old woman, which would they save?

The author uses detailed imagery to support the theme. For example when the author states, “sometimes the woman borrowed my grandmother's face” (Pastan, 9-11), the student as a child, is ...view middle of the document...

Pastan uses the word “real” in the quote, "This fall in a real museum I stand before a real Rembrandt..." (17-18) to show that once she had grown and matured, the situation became more real and less fictional compared to when she was only a student in Ethics class. In addition the author uses the word “restless” to prove the theme. “Restless on hard chairs caring little for pictures or old age..” (6-7). The author uses this word to emphasize the carelessness and immaturity of the children. In addition, Pastan uses figures of speech to prove the theme.

The author uses different types of figures of speech to relate to the theme. For instance she uses metaphors such as “-the browns of the earth, though earths most radiant elements burn through the canvas” (21-23). In this quote the speaker is using similarities between nature and the painting giving it life and causing it to be, to an extent, equal to the old lady.  The writer also uses symbolism in the poem to prove the theme. For example the author states, “darker than autumn, darker even than...

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