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Ethics Case Study Accepting Meals And Contributions In The Healthcare Industry

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Ethics Case Study I:Accepting Meals and Gifts at Sales Meetings1. Ethics Question: Given John Henry's uncertainty of the ethical acceptance of receiving meals and gifts, is it ethically justifiable for him to evaluate the nature of these gifts, their effects on the organization (past and present), and to report his findings to upper management?2. Ethical Decision Makers:At the onset, it would appear that there are two ethical decision makers: Mary Beth and John. But as the story illustrates, Mary Beth seems to be behaving unethically. John Henry, as a new hire, needs to determine what exactly the policy and code of ethics is for this new position. Since he has asked Mary Beth about the policy, and has not gotten a definitive answer, he has to go elsewhere to find out exactly what the policy says. It is not enough to rely on his trainer, since he has no assurance that she is complying with policy. It is certainly his obligation to evaluate the sales relationships that are currently set, and ascertain whether or not these are in place because of gifts, or they are bonafide sales, based on the best interests of the organization (price, quality, etc.). If the accepting of gifts on Mary Beth's part, had been determined to be detrimental to the organization, this behavior could occur in other avenue's of her work, further harming the organization. Since his loyalty and his commitment are to the organization, it is in his best interests to do what is best for the organization he works for.3. Ethical Options:I. First off, John Henry should discover for himself what the policy is regarding sales relationships, and also accepting gifts from sales representatives. If he can not discover this for himself, it is his responsibility then, to seek advice from management regarding these policies.This is clear-cut. There is no ethical question in this action, determining the values of the organization under which he is employed, is his responsibility in accepting the new position.II. John Henry needs to determine the nature of these gifts. The nature of the gifts themselves and also the meals is at the center of this ethical debate. Since the focus of these sales meetings are supposed to be about the organization itself, that is how the rubric for deciding their ethical value is to be based. If the meetings at the restaurant seem to be more about creating a positive environment and pleasurable experience for someone in John Henry's position, then it would appear to a ploy on the part of the sales organization to coax John Henry into giving them a contract, by obligation (since the sales organization is paying for the meal), continuation of these pleasurable dining experience (in the future); basically his personal gain.The gifts also follow a similar course of reasoning. In the example, the nature of the gifts is personal. Mary Beth admitted to receiving perfume, alcohol and other personal affects. These gifts have nothing to do with the organization, and...

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