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Code Of Conduct And Ethics Policies At Work

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Our Company is founded on the principle of integrity. Integrity is one of our core values and it is expected throughout every level of this firm. We treat everyone with respect and we demand the highest degree of honesty and trust from all our employees. This Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies guides our business daily. It is the responsibility of each employee to follow this code to uphold our company standards which are based on integrity.
It is important that every employee at all levels understand the Code of Conduct and comply with it. For those situations that are not addressed we should always conduct ourselves in a way that supports the Company’s reputation by always using good judgment and seeking assistance for any ethical dilemma we cannot resolve on our own. Every employee must do their part because your actions directly reflect on the Company.
Purpose of the Code
The Company is committed to conducting business ethically and in accordance with all laws and regulations. The Company’s Code of Ethics is a guide to help our employees contribute to the culture of integrity by establishing principles for how we as employees conduct our daily business. Each employee’s acknowledgment and adherence to the codes is a condition of employment.
Ethical principles are collective standards of right and wrong. These ethical policies will set the standard of behavior that our company and employees should and should not engage in. These principles not only guide us in our decision making but they also establish the criteria by which our actions and decisions are judged by others.
Making Ethical Decisions
Ambition and competitiveness are both important ingredients for success but they must be tempered with strong ethical principles. How people judge a business’s reputation will make the difference between a company being successful or failing in the business world. A good business reputation is built on trust and credibility both of which are critical to success. Trust and credibility can be destroyed in an instant if the consumer perceives the company is unethical. By acting ethically, we can influence the conduct of those around us.
The Company has established a Code of Ethics for a high standard of professional conduct and integrity in all business endeavors. Acting with integrity means making ethical decisions and this code will address specific situations and the following diagram will provide a method to help analyze your actions.
When an employee is unsure if it is ethical or not they are encouraged to seek advice from a manager, Human Resources or the legal department.
Employee Responsibility
Employees are in the position to enhance the Company’s reputation in the community and to make this a better place to work. Each employee must follow the Company’s Code of Ethics and all other applicable polices. Disciplinary action including termination may be taken if any employee violates the...

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