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Ethics Code Of Conduct In A Company

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Company X Code of Ethics Statement
In order to uphold the Company X vision, core values, expectations and beliefs, a code of ethics is essential to serve as a clear guide in assessing behaviors and decisions that may compromise the company’s standards of integrity. This Code of Ethics Policy is based on the principles of personal responsibility, professionalism, collaboration, innovation, honesty, fairness and respect, and accountability.
Ethics Education & Training Development
Ethics education and training development demonstrates to the public that Company X is committed to upholding an “Ethics Policy.”
Guidelines for Ethics Education
The Company X’s “Code of Ethics and Integrity” statement will serve as the foundation for ethics education and training for all company employees. The process is as follows:
• New Employees: Each new employee will read the Company X Ethics Policy and sign the “Ethics Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement” form during new hire orientation and probation period in which full training shall be completed. New hire orientation includes a probation period of 90 days. Ethics training shall be completed within 90 days of hire and is reviewed by human resources and/or the employee’s Supervisor or Department Director.
• Current Employees: An employee currently on payroll shall read the Company X Ethics Policy and sign the “Ethics Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement” form by the time of their performance review. Also, he or she shall complete the Company X online ethics course. The ethics training requirements are to be included in the “Employee Objectives” during regularly scheduled annual reviews.
• Volunteers: Each volunteer shall read the Company X Ethics Policy and sign the “Ethics Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement” form on the first day of service. Ethics training workshops will be offered annually for all volunteers and administered by the Company X Volunteer Services.
• Board of Directors: Each newly elected individual shall complete the Company X online ethics course. In addition, he or she shall read the Company X Ethics Policy and sign the “Ethics Policy acknowledgement and Agreement” form. After the election results, an elected board member has approximately 30 days to complete the ethics training and sign the agreement prior to being sworn into office at their first board meeting. Current Board of Directors members shall complete Company X online ethics course annually. Also, he or she shall read the Company X Ethics Policy and sign the “Ethics Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement” form within 30 days. Human Resources will administer this process appropriately.
Online Ethics Training
The ethics training program shall be comprehensive and meaningful. It shall be accessible online to facilitate easy completion in a timely manner and shall use specific examples or case studies to illustrate unethical behaviors or situations. The training should include an illustration of the approved process to...

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