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Ethics Development Differences Between Work And Professional Settings

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Ethics in my own opinion are our individual perceptions of allowable and or acceptable behavior. With that said, I would also venture to say that most people have a dual set of standard ethical practices one for professional settings the other for personal settings. As is typically the case what most people deem acceptable at work would not dream of acting in the same manner at home. Indeed, we all have different faces we show for different times a good analogy would be a cartoon I viewed in a driving course. From the black and white images, it was clear the cartoon was made in the 40's or 50's. However, the message was very clear to any viewer and I think the age of the cartoon was meant to show as old as the animation was the lesson was the same. The cartoon depicted a typical mild mannered businessman; leaving for work his wife dutifully waiting by the door with his briefcase and lunch, they say good-bye and the small gentle looking man walks out the door towards his car. As he enters the car and drives off, he changes from this small frail looking man to a wolf! He is snarling and growling at the traffic. Clearly, he is suffering from road rage, which at the time of the class was not a term in vogue. The wolf arrives at work and upon exiting the car turns back into the meek little man going to work. During the day at the bank, he makes some decisions and has normal distractions that would upset anyone. Keep in mind the original intent of the cartoon was as entertainment, not any sort of lesson. Therefore, the visuals were satirical, however, as a class lesson the intent was obvious. After work, the mild...

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