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Ethics Education In Collegiate Aviation Institutions

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A Basic Understanding of Ethics
Throughout everyone's college years, they are pursuing what they want for their future. This includes taking the required classes that go with their majors and taking courses that the school itself wants everyone to take a part in. However, there is a lack of enforcement in ethics. Ethics is a basic branch of philosophy that can be taught to anyone in order to make better decisions in life, not just for them, but for the people around them. For some reason though, ethics has not been made an official requirement in colleges across the country. This is a real surprise because of the many benefits teaching ethics can have on a student. By taking an ethics class during their four years as a college student, they will have the knowledge to make better decisions by thinking ahead, thinking about what affects their decision can have on themselves and others and if what they are doing is morally acceptable or not.
There are many meanings to the world Ethics. Will Durant tell us that “Ethics is the study of ideal conduct (Christensen, 1995, p. 32).” There are many theories of ethics such as Virtue ethics, duty ethics, egoism, conventional morality and utilitarianism. Aristotle developed Virtue Ethics. With virtue ethics you are able to tell by the outcome of the act whether or not it was right or wrong. “What is the best life?” Aristotle asked himself. There are many aspects that relate to what someone would consider to be the best life. The article shows that you must work for ethics. It does not just come to you “Ethics is an acquired, not an inherent quality (Christensen, 1995, p. 32).”
Morals are the distinction between right and wrong. During our lives, our morals are susceptible to change due to the experiences we encounter. Many wonder where morality comes from. David Humes, an eighteenth-century Scottish Philosopher views on this “is supported by studies that suggest that our judgements of good and evil are influenced by emotional reactions such as empathy and disgust . As our social circle widens, so does our ‘moral circle’ (Bloom, 2010).”
Values have a significant importance in life. “Values are determinants of virtually all kinds of behavior… (Rokeach, 1973, p.5).” By setting values you are able to guide yourself to an ethical life and even to your life goals. A value is something that has worth to you. You will behave differently toward something you value compared to something you don’t value. “…Values are an integral and daily part of our lives. They determine, regulate and modify relations between individuals…” Although values are based on your own belief and not just a standard.
Ethical decisions are the root of how we choose to live our lives. How should we choose to live our lives? Ethics help us differentiate between rights and wrongs. “ethical principles are transmitted, explored and adopted (Nickols, 2001, p.20).” Ethics comes from moral values, beliefs, culture, etc. Ethics addresses many...

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