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Ethics Game Simulation Essay

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Game Simulation that helps to have a view on new threats and opportunities. Many companies lack of unethical acts and behaviors, which results in the loss of stakeholders shares. Rethinking a company's purpose in terms of societal needs can help to differentiate from competition, promote public trust, and increase stakeholder value. A company needs to have their mind set to do "good", not just to do "well". This leads to the decision, which the simulation experience changes the existing shelved products that contain the harmful substance in protecting the company of any legal lawsuits.Values and morals are the existence of everybody's daily life. At the extent of services to others our values are tested daily based on the circumstances. This process is similar to the ethical decisions that had to be made in the simulation concerning the current products containing the contaminant. The company quotes, "the advantages over our competition are to be obtained through superior performance, never through unethical or illegal business practices. Acquiring proprietary information from others through improper means, possessing trade secret information that was obtained without the owner's consent or inducing disclosure of confidential information from past or present employees of other companies will be prohibited, even if motivated by the best intentions to advance the interests of the company." The problem was that the company seemed to be risking their reputation. So the decision to disseminate information broadly about increased risk for specific groups. Offer to replace tainted product or to refund purchase price seemed to be the best for me.Furthermore, whenever legal problems arise, like the FDA standards are changing, a company needs to make an ethical and legal decision. There are different points to look at in such a situation. First, the products in the own country needs to be set to the new standards, and the old products need to be recalled or canceled. Consumers have to be informed and the company needs to know about legal rights. Also, researching the other countries standards and ethics is important because selling the products in a different culture needs to be done correct. If there are unethical choices made, the reputation of the company will be decreased in the foreign country as at home. So the best decision for this problem was to honor other countries' rights to set safety standards for their own citizens. Sell product where foreign regulations permit.In addition, values are like rules on how we make decisions about right and wrong, what we should and should not do, and what is good and bad. Also, what is more important whenever having two...

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