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Ethics: Horne Essay

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Ethics is a major part in business, and every company that sells a product looking for profit is a business. In the American economy companies with the best ethics has the best profits. However companies occasionally fail to remain ethical in their activities, because they are too concerned with profits. Nike Inc. is a worldwide company that is very famous for their designs and apparel wear, also it is a multination corporation that is engaged in the design and marketing. However Nike has pros and cons in some of their actions have been questionable.
History of Nike
Before there was a Nike Inc., before there was the swoosh Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman a nationally respected track and ...view middle of the document...

Also Nike was under international tension from various communities and non-government organizations on the issue from Nikes unethical tactics to improve sales. Nike has introduced many products and advertised there products by saying we are the best, or “Just Do It” which we see lots of times on ads. Nike and 3rd commercials are saying all of our young adults and children can be athletes if we just take risks and do it, to me that is unethical.
Nike’s Unethical Treatment of Workers
In addition to unethical advertising, Nike also are very unethical to its employees and workers such as the factories they work in. As one of the largest athletic brand the incorporation faces multiple criticism in regards of the workers in sweatshops in Asia. The U.S was shocked by the allegations of physical and verbal abuse taking place in Nike sweatshops. Workers have complained of being verbally, and physically abused by their employers. Women who work for Nike factories are powerless and getting the abuse more rapidly complaints like being, “kicked, punched, and force to stand in the hot sun” as a disciplinary action for not finishing up on time is a major problem around the 1,000 of overseas Nike factories (DAILY MAIL REPORTER). 'We Blew It', Another serious allegation that shocked the prospects of the company was that Nike factories were using child laborers to make footballs, the fact that child labor is banned in states and considered unethical...

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