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Ethics In Construction Industry: Garage Doors Weber State University Construction Contracts & Specifications 1220 Research Paper

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Running head: Overhead & Garage Door Companies: Ethical or Unethical?
Overhead & Garage Door Companies: Ethical or Unethical?
Overhead & Garage Door Companies: Ethical or Unethical?
Shaila K. Baker
Weber State University
Construction Contracts and Specifications 1220
Professor Russell Butler
Fall 2017 Semester
Does the overhead and garage door industry follow codes of conduct? Are they practicing ethical behaviors? Is there a general conduct or ethics code when it comes to this industry of the construction world? Are consumers being taken advantage of, and if so why? These questions I have asked myself many times being the bookkeeper for a local small businessman and his garage door company. Where do morals lie in making a profit and are companies especially of a small size getting robbed or robbing consumers. If any of these bother you find out what I have when it comes to ethical practices about the overhead and garage door business, technicians, and installers.
Keywords: Garage Door, Ethics, Unethical
Overhead & Garage Door Companies: Ethical or Unethical?
Your home or business overhead or garage door is the most dangerous machinery built into it. Overhead and garage door contractors have a licence classification code of S222 under the Utah Administrative Code Rule R156-55a, Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule. These set of licensing for this particular trade helps the consumer as well as any employees of a contractor with this license to be safe on job sites. Trade associations for this industry have set a code of conduct by which to follow. But do businesses or their employees follow this code and where do their morals fit in with the ethics of the matter.
International Door Association (IDA)
Code of Business Conduct
The International Door Association (IDA) have set guidelines by which their installation and servicing dealers of doors and access systems are guided in relations with the customer. When you become a member of this association you are encouraged to be an accredited and or certified owner, technician or installer of a overhead and garage door company. They have set a code of business conduct by which member must sign before becoming a member and uphold through their scope of work in this field. Whether you are a member of this association or not it would be in the best interest and safety of customers, employees and owners to follow this code. There are 11 items in the IDA business code of conduct which can be found at The 11 main points of the code: 1) Customer Satisfaction, 2) Truth in Selling, 3) Responsible Conduct, 4) Truth in Advertising, 5) Product Installation, 6) Safety Compliance, 7) Contracts, 8) Consultation Services 9) Bid Procedures, 10) Proposal Compliance, and 11) Warranties.These are excellent points to start off the ethical or unethical questions of overhead and garage door companies.
Are consumers being taken advantage...

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