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Ethics in digital mediaEthics in digital media consumptionDigital media has most definitely become a successful way of doing businesses worldwide. The rampant migration and use of digital media is triggered by reasons such as lowered costs, instant customization, widened reach, and most prominently it enables anyone anywhere to circulate information and data further easily. The use of various digital media platforms is not independent since it affects other aspects of human life. For digital media consumption to be effective and as appropriate, users need to understand its impacts on others through aspects such legal, ethics and social. The diversity of digital media applications poses potential threats to moral and ethical concerns. There is a possibility that digital media consumers may be ignorant of or may neglect ethical principles in their dairy use of digital media. For instance, digital media offers numerous platforms to marketers to suit their diverse needs at a given time. These avenues includes, social networking sites, mobile phones, search engine optimization, article marketing, blogs, online brand monitoring, pay per click, e-mails, banner advertising and websites. Some of the major ethical concerns while using this digital media platforms includes, copyright, Plagiarism, digitally altering images or video, use of anonymous sources (Buckingham, 2008)Digital technologies raise a troubling ethical challenges for media practitioners and journalists, whether citizen or professional. There are various measures in use to counter ethical concerns in digital media consumption, for instance, in the media field and journalism, code of conduct and professional principles are used. This is only possible in limited fields of consumption where media use can be controlled. Controversy exists in different fields concerning what is considered ethically right or wrong. In journalism ethics is defined as set of principles, rules and practices expressed in a code of conduct for media professionals or journalists to assist them act responsibly. Every operation is to be guided by four ethical principles, seeking the truth, accountability, minimizing harm and avoiding conflict of interest (Palfrey & Gasser, 2008).The ease of access of information in digital media offers an opportunity for journalists to copy and plagiarize their content. Most journalism codes of conduct contain both absolute and situational ethics. For instance, in the Society of Specialized Journalists' ethics code, journalists are reprimanded to never plagiarize any content but they are required to identify sources of their contents whenever possible, the implication being that unidentified sources are sometimes inevitable and perhaps suitable, depending on the situation. Marketers have shifted to digital media to remain relevant and productive. An important cause for this change towards digital platforms such as...

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