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Ethics In Nursing Essay

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One day, Humphrey the rat, surfaced from his nest inside the small willow tree. He found himself bound at his neck by Freddy the cat. Humphrey pleaded with the Freddy to let him go, and Freddy finally let him go seeing that he just had a big meal. Weeks passed by and Freddy found himself trapped in a net that his owner left out. His owners would not return for some time so Freddy was there until he was freed. But here comes Humphrey out of his tree to see Freddy in the need of help, promptly he started gnawing through the net, which then set Freddy free. I know you are wondering what the purpose of this story is. Well the moral of the story is that there are times where you need to decide when to do the right thing despite what you desire to do. This paper will explore the some issues of ethics in the nursing field, the consequences of poor judgment when it comes to nursing, and it will compare the Nurse Practice Act of Florida and another state.
1. What is the ethical responsibility and accountability of a nurse?
Let’s begin by defining ethics. Webster defines ethics as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation” (Webster, 2011). In life we encounter situations that we must make ethical decisions in order to resemble what society expects us to do.
One must take responsibility for their own mistakes but society should not blame that individual if they were not taught morals and ethics by their parents. Society should take into consideration that it is not the child’s fault if their parents failed to teach them how to live a just life. Our first teacher comes from the home and if our teachers are absent from our lives then we learn from substitutes. The best education comes from the ones who gave birth to us. In our professions there are ethical provisions and standards that we must follow in order to fulfill our obligations to society. These are standards that made to govern an individual’s conduct and behaviors.

The key to understanding something is to start with the definitions. Wrong can be defined as something that is incorrect, not in conformity with truth, or something that goes against morality. Right can be defined as something that is correct, in conformance with the truth, or correct in judgment. The key to understanding the rightness or wrongness of anything is to know what it means to be right or wrong. Some people say there is no right or wrong, just arbitrary decisions that become a part of our everyday lives. Others say that there is something intrinsically right about some things and wrong about others. While others claim that rightness is a universal standard that can be changed by a simple reflection on what society has already implemented. Depending on how an individual was raised, one’s ideas and beliefs are deeply shaped and rooted somehow by religious faith which makes it nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. So if someone has been brought up to feel in their...

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