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Ethics In Sports Essay

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Ethics in Sports

My name is john doe and I am the sports and recreation advisor
for Stevenage. I am writing to every head of PE to express my
feelings and opinions towards ethics and values in schools.

My personal view of values in sport is that it comes down to the
player’s beliefs in the sport and the standard he or she sets. For
example whether a team member puts in 100% effort in the sport they
are playing.

I define ethics in sport as the moral rules, principles and values,
perhaps more simply put, practicing the following core values to sport

· Fairness

· Respect

· Equity

An example of good ethics is players knowing the rules of a game and
following them.

Sport is an important part of life; it can bring people to together.
In some cases give people a purpose. This is why it is important that
sport is played properly and good ethics and values are shown. It is
better to teach this to children, so it’s with them as they grow up.
Whether as athletes, officials, coaches or supporters. We all must
take personal responsibility for ensuring that sport is fun and fair
for all and this value should be taught at a young age. Ethics is not
just about shaking someone’s hand at the end of a game. Sport can
provide children with fun, enjoyment, and excitement. In order for
them to have this sports ethics and values should be shown and
followed. Having high ethical standards is an ongoing process of
learning and improvement.

It is important in sport as it is in all aspects of life, that
individuals respect the rights of others and in return, knows what
rights they can expect. Students should never criticise fellow players
or players of the other team, they should only encourage and respect
their players.

Fair play refers to the conduct of individuals involved with
any part of sporting practice. Players should play fair and in theory
be able to refreree there own matches. Players should respect the
decisions made by their officials and abide by them, this shows good
sportsmanship. Players should also have knowledge of the game, for
example they should know the free kick rule if they are playing

Fair play can be defined as the upholding of fairness before, during
and after, and directly relating to a game, match or event. You should
always inform players of the consequences that will occur if they do
not play fair or cheat. Cheating in sport should never be tolerated
because it ruins the game for every one. Fair play can often be best
promoted through a code of conduct that clearly defines the rules of
the games and the do’s and don’ts.

Equality in sport is the practice of fairness and the upholding of the
rules also to ensure that all individuals are respected and have

equal opportunities regardless of their sex, gender, religion,
sexuality or ethnic background. It is important for all those involved
in sport to support and promote the principles of equity, whether they

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