Ethics In The American Workplace Northwood University Management Research Paper

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Ethics in the American Workplace
John H. Smith
Northwood University
The purpose of this project is to identify the issues within the American workplace today. The main issue in our workplace today is that employees and their bosses are unable to productively work together. Through my research, I found that bosses who are more open, and trustworthy of his or her employees are more likely to receive higher quality work. One of the best pieces of evidence came from Michigan State professor Yvonne Wichtner-Zoia, saying “organizations with a high level of trust have increased employee morale, more productive workers and lower staff turnover”. By having bosses who are more involved and interactive with their employees, change can be inflicted upon the entire office.
Ethics in the workplace are a very challenging thing for any manager, whether it be a first-line manager, or a top manager. It is something that every manager should deal with every day. Poor ethics can lead to a divided workplace, corners cut that can affect future projects, or even legal issues. A manger must be very sensitive when dealing with ethics, because handling it the wrong way, can lose the work-ethic and focus of your staff in a heartbeat. Therefore, I believe that every boss should be trusting of their employees. Instead of maintaining good ethics by every employee in the workplace by installing security cameras and having hidden agendas, a manager should improve ethics by increasing the chemistry among coworkers, involving himself and attempting to become more personal with the employees that he or she hires, and issuing a standard code of conduct for every employee. Doing these three things will maintain a healthy, focused, and successful workplace.
First, let’s compare and contrast, ethics in America to those around the world. Comparing the ethics of American business to the ethics of European ethics, it is said that they are almost no different. According to a book published by Georges Enderle (1996), a professor at the College of International Business at the University of Notre Dame, he says, “The understanding of business ethics is no different. Europeans in North America and North Americans in Continental Europe encounter many new experiences, such as different sensitivities to ethical issues, language problems, distinct ways of reasoning and unusual topics.” This would make sense since the origins of our countries generate from Western Europe. A place that can be ethics in America can be contrasted to is the continent of Asia. The reason Europe and Asia are so important, so relevant is because that is where 90% of the business and trade within the world takes place. America differs from Asia in many ways. The biggest, often talked about in a book written by Patricia Werhane and Alan Singer (1999), is that, “Confucian ethics play a central role in the ethics and business...

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