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Ethics In The Workplace. Got An A

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Most people who begin their working career have aspirations of excelling at their job and reaching the pinnacle of their profession while maintaining a sense of values; however, employees often become blind with ambition and put aside their sense of ethics in order to obtain financial security and recognition for their efforts. In the third section of E.J. Trunfio's Enhancing Ethics in Business, several executives of large companies discuss the factors that lead to employees' dismissal of ethics and virtues and it can be avoided.People need to feel appreciated for a job well done and rewarded for hard work. When employees are not rewarded for their efforts and are passed over for a promotion because they do not know the right people, they become frustrated and begin to think only of themselves and ignore others within the organization. People begin to view their work an environment as a political system and think to get ahead they must play the political game. One executive says this, " . . . means playing dirty pool. It means blaming others, even if they don't deserve to be blamed. It means doing anything it takes when your boss tells you to get the job done. Selfishness becomes a way of life in corporations. If you want to succeed, you play the game" (P 102). This selfishness and playing of "games" leads to mistrust among employees and a complete breakdown of moral behavior.Similarly, if people cannot trust their fellow employees, a sense of insecurity fills the office. They begin to look out only for themselves and refuse to help others. Also, they often reject the help of others for fear that the other person may be out to sabotage them or simply is not capable of completing the task. This creates more work and...

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Ethics In The Workplace Essay

1839 words - 7 pages Ethics in the work place In the workplace ethics increases the chance for more positive results. Honesty is a trait that is learned and when mastered, could help benefit an individual or company. Without ethics chances are constantly taken, leaving unknown results. These results could leave a company with outstanding profit gains or bankruptcy. The reason ethics is important in the workplace is because it will allow every worker who

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2360 words - 10 pages Introduction When we talk of ethics, we mean moral issues that govern a person or group of people. For example, Accountants have the code of conducts which specify what is right and what is wrong. There are several ethical issues in the workplace, such as bribery, sexual harassment, plagiarizing, theft… We are going to base this project on Sexual Harassment, theft, plagiarizing, and bribery. PLAGIARIZING. Plagiarizing is taking credit for

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1908 words - 8 pages . When Durand was offered the position as Vice President of Sales with Tap Pharmaceuticals, he had no idea what he was getting involved with. All he saw was a potential for a promotion in an industry where he had already served his time and made a name for himself. Durand has a couple alternatives in this ethical situation. He could have kept his mouth shut and adhered to Tap Pharmaceuticals' policies and procedures and unethical practices. The

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1913 words - 8 pages question successfully at the theoretical level (A. Mills, 1999). But because most business ethics issues arise in an ongoing social system, it is highly probable that any improvement in ethics will positively affect value, productivity, and successful human interaction as well. Therefore, in managing business ethics, the odds bet will be "against" this question (A. Mills, 1999).6 United (with utility and successful human interaction) -ethics

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2364 words - 9 pages person and then capitalize on it (Buckingham 2)." Being able to analyze employees and then apply a distinct strategy to motivate them is an important skill to possess as a manager.It may have been the case in the past that money was the singular and most powerful motivator available to employers, but in today's workplace this no longer the case. Gardiner Morse, author of Why We Misread Motives, sums this point up beautifully:To be sure, money

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2140 words - 9 pages workplace plays an important role because if we don't have any rules or moral so to say, there would be a lot of crimes in our workplace environment and our workplace will be no more save.Here is one of the many examples of ethics in the workplace: on the way to work one morning a person notices a bill (to pay) says a 100 dollar on the floor outside the office of the most disliked manager at work. The thought passes through a person's mind that no one

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2630 words - 11 pages The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol IncidentIn 1982 Johnson and Johnson, the pharmaceutical company that makes Tylenol announced a nationwide recall of Tylenol; 31 million bottles and a loss of 100 million dollars. This recall was secondary to the death of seven people in the Chicago area after using Tylenol. An investigation reveled the poisoning were found to be that of an outside source. The Tylenol was contaminated with cyanide from an outside

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1432 words - 6 pages the employees, managers, and so on to keep the company out of illegal issues, and protect the company, customers, and suppliers. “Rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad,” quoted from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, however, the word ethics holds to much more than that curt definition. I can not imagine living in an era/country where women did not receive the same respect as men or the idea of a woman work only a

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885 words - 4 pages An Ethics Toolkit for ManagersEthics in business is a concept that has come to mean various things to various people, but it is generally based on the principle of doing what is right in the workplace. Business ethics is about prioritizing moral values for the workplace and ensuring behaviors are aligned with those values. Many view business ethics as value management. Leaders and managers can use ethics as a tool to ensure morality at times of

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2038 words - 8 pages Ethics in the Workplace What is ethically right? Ethics is defined as the study of the general nature of morals and the specific moral choices to be made by a person. We make ethical choices every day by how we interact with others. We make these choices through being honest or lying, being greedy or giving to others, and by being friendly to someone or ignore them. Ethics is not only how we interact with others but is also in the

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1482 words - 6 pages problems could have been avoided and Billy couldstill have been employed.We are now in an era that demands everyone to practice ethics in the workplace. This mindset must be shared by all employees from the lowest to the highest-ranking executives. One way of making this happen is to educate all employees and help them build adequate skills to identify and respond to ethical dilemmas. Individual responsibility must also be defined. Ethical dilemmas