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Ethics In Today's Society Essay

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In 1988, 49% of students in undergraduate marketing classes admitted to cheating versus 100% of the students in an undergraduate management class in 2008, according to Dorothy L. Jones (2011). The thought provoking question at hand is, why are more students cheating? Dorothy L Jones (2011), stated “The top three responses were grades, procrastination and too busy to study for the test” (p. 145). These excuses that many students use are still not valid reasons to risk their degree and ruin their reputation. The percentage rate of cheating is twice as high as it was a decade ago. Not only is the cheating in undergraduate, but has carried over to the Master’s level. According to Dorothy L. Jones (2011), “In May 2006, Ohio University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering plagiarism scandal garnered national attention when a review panel found forms of plagiarism in 34 master’s theses” (p. 141). At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Charles made a statement that was a warning to the students stating, “I do not condone cheating and I believe in the maximum punishment for it; expulsion”. In the preceding paragraphs I will discuss the behaviors of unethical judgments. The upswing of dishonestly is the product of; unethical decisions, lack of integrity in academia and business environments and bad character.

I. Unethical Decisions
Ethics are morals that individuals uphold themselves to in a boundary that is considered right and wrong. Cheating is the result of unethical decision making. People say there is nothing wrong with a little hard work to get the job done. Then again, why work hard when cheating is so much easier. Like we see numerous of times in academia and corporate America; the countless decisions to cheat not only from students, but employees as well. Look at what has been going on with insider trading and Martha Stewart, the Enron scandal, and in academia at Florida A&M University, where a handful of students cheat. Unethical decision making not only affects one person, but their environment as well; leaving a bad reputation. Cheating is only outcome of unethical decision making.
It is no longer about bad decisions it is now a part of the culture because we try to hide it and cover it up. We see people cheat over and over again and I believe it has become a culture that we have accepted. An example of unethical decision making is a teacher who touches their seventh grade students; the head basketball coach at Rutgers University beating on his students and now administration considers the thought of firing him, the situation at Pennsylvania State University or Zimmerman killing young Trayvon Martin for being a young African American child walking home; these are all results of unethical decisions. Not everyone is penalized for their decisions the same and some even get to walk away from the ordeal as if nothing ever happened. Back in the 80’s and 90’s you were scorned from making bad decisions; the CEO of Enron is in Federal prison...

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